Can Electric Scooters Get Wet?

We all know that water and electronics do not mix, so the same rule applies here as well. If a few raindrops gets you on your way home, don’t be afraid it will hurt your scooter. But if you leave your electric scooter on the street to rain all night, that might be a problem.

So Can Electric Scooters Get Wet? Electric scooters are not intended for rain or wet conditions, and should not be left outside. Although a few raindrops will certainly not do any damage to your electric scooter, while heavy rain or showers would disable it for future use.       

Take for example any electronic equipment you use in your daily life; mp3 player, phone, headsets, electric trimmers, etc. Most of these things are used on a daily basis and outdoors, but when it comes to rain, you cover them and try to protect them, so it should be the same with an electric scooter. Here are the best waterproof electric scooters.

Can You Drive an Electric Scooter on Rainy Days?

It should be noted that the vast majority of electric scooters are not water-proof and if you find yourself in the rain you can damage your scooter or worse – battery. The question that you also need to set is what kind of road you are riding, and whether those trails are of good quality, and  are there holes in them. You need to have adequate wide tires, especially if you are thinking of riding your scooter in rainy conditions or on a wet track. If you are driving on a wet track full of holes covered with water, you will not have a good time. Therefore, tire diameter and substitution is an important factor. So, you can drive in rainy conditions, but it is not recommended.

Now if you get caught in a light rain and you get a little bit of water on your display it’s probably not gonna hurt anything at all. However if you get caught in a heavy rain, that could cause you a problem. Try to use the train or bus then. Lets say it looked like a nice sunny day in the morning, you decided to take your scooter to work and then midday a thunderstorm comes through and you need to get home. Therefore, you need to take a good look at what kind of weather is waiting for you before heading somewhere.

What To Do If Your Electric Scooter Got Wet?

In the middle of the ride, you encountered rain and could not avoid it and your electric scooter got wet. What is the best solution and how should you act in this situation? Keep in mind that you need to react wisely and intelligently, since it is an electronic device with a battery. So try to stick to the following schedule:

1. Turn it Off Immediately

If you have experienced a sudden rain and your scooter has helped you, switch it off immediately! But before that, look for a place to hide.

2. Remove the Battery

If too much water goes into your battery, you have no choice but to buy a new one. Although you can always buy a new battery, why spend money if you can save it? Therefore, after turning off your scooter, you should immediately remove the battery from it and carefully place it in a dry place.

3. Dry the Battery

Once you have secured the battery, it may be advisable to clean it with alcohol and a dry cloth. Alcohol helps with evaporation which will allow for faster cleaning. It is recommended that the step above be done as soon as possible so that you have a better chance for rescuing the battery.

How Safe Is To Drive Electric Scooter At Wet Conditions?

This is also one of the issues we face when we buy electric scooter for ourselves or for our children. Rain and wet conditions will be quite common throughout the year, so it would be advisable to know how an electric scooter responds to these conditions. One of the first requirements that is important when choosing an electric scooter is that you buy it based on your height and weight, so you can have better control over it when driving. The next big thing is speed. There are quite fast electric scooters, which reach speeds as high as 52 mph, and if you are not able to control it on dry pavement, wet conditions will only be a problem.

So try to choose a suitable scooter according to your driving experience. When it comes to wet conditions, it is also important to keep an eye on the wheels to see if they have tire pressure and whether these wheels are stable on wet pavement. Regarding safety equipment such as helmets and shields, they are optional equipment, but my advice is to use them. Some states even have laws in place that are considered mandatory equipment for electric scooters.

Caring for Your Electric Scooter

This rule should apply not only to your electric scooter, but to all electrical equipment you have. People often get the wrong picture from others about how to treat their electric scooter, so they do the same thing. But don’t make the same mistakes as others, doing the same things. If you see that your scooter is wet, do not drive it in this condition through the city. But first take towel and at least wipe it properly before you decide to go somewhere.

Recently, we can see that things like cars, motors, phones are quite often broken down, and this is because we do not care for them. Take for example when you buy a new car or phone, you care about it even more than you should in the first couple of months, and then slowly lose your desire and let them go. The truth is that your electric scooter will not be unusable because of the few raindrops that will fall on it, because the manufacturers have made sure that such things do not happen.

Understanding Your Electric Scooter

The best advice for safe driving is to stay in control and ride with both hands. All of scooters can withstand light wet weather conditions, but do not submerge them. Riding in heavy rain is not recommended. Batteries operate optimally in 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. In colder weather expect your electric scooter to have a shorter than normal range. Don’t overcharge your battery, and unplugged it as soon as the battery is fully charged. Low tire pressure is the number one cause for unstable and dangerous driving. Fully charge your scooter before putting it into storage, and don’t put it in the cold.


In the end we can see that it all comes down to common sense and to your attention for your electric scooter. You have invested money in your scooter and you want it to serve its purpose for as long as possible. Therefore constant care and maintenance is what it takes to keep it functional for as long as possible. The only thing you need to pay attention before using are weather conditions. So it would be advisable to see before each departure whether some rain is possible to catch you on the way. If this happens, try to hide somewhere or cover it at least to protect it. After all, you will end up saving money, as you will not have to go for repairs, and it will also save you a lot of time and you will avoid the urban congestion that is becoming more common today.

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