Can You Take An Electric Scooter On A Train?

Take An Electric Scooter On A Train

Electric scooters have driven the world crazy and are being used more every day. Their purpose is so popular primarily because they are very fast and light and can reach any part of the city without getting stuck in traffic. The only downside of the electric scooters is the distance they can travel with a single charge. Therefore, people choose sometimes to use the train to reach their destination. So can you bring an electric scooter to a train and are there some rules which you need to stick to? I researched this topic, so let’s find out.

Can Electric Scooters Be Brought On a Train? Folding electric scooter can be carried on a train in most of the countries. Different regions and train companies have different policies, so you need to check their rules before you start using their transportation. When bringing a electric scooter on a train, you must also follow the rules that are prescribed by that company.

It may happen that you bring your electric scooter to the train without anyone stopping you. Because the scooter is a new type of travel tool, it is easy to fold and take up no space, unlike folding electric bicycles. This is not allowed. You must take it with you to keep it properly and not hinder others. But electric scooters surely have their advantages.

Rules To Follow For Electric Scooters On A Train

Main Rules For Electric Scooters On A Train:
1. You need to let passengers to board first on a train, then you go last. The same goes for getting out.
2. If an emergency happens, passenger (you) must leave your electric scooters on the train and leave as fast as you can.
3. The electric scooter must be laid on the floor and you must stand next to it when driving.
4. When bringing an electric scooter onto a train, the train crew is not required to help you board or unload your electric scooter.
5. A wheelchair lift must not be used to load your electric scooters.
6. Electric scooters must not be dirty when you are using the train.
7. Electric scooters are not charged separately when you are traveling by train.

E-Bikes And E-Scooters on Trains

Most train companies have adopted rules that allow you to bring your electric scooters on a train only at certain hours, when they are less crowded, and only then can you bring aboard your scooter. Eg in Chicago before 6:30 a.m. and after 9:30 a.m. is allowed to use electric scooters on the train while between that time it isn’t. There are even certain mobile applications such as Ventra, where you have an exact schedule to check if E-scooters are allowed at that time.

Folding electric scooters take precedence over others and can be used on the train at any time, while standard bikes and electric scooters have a set time, so when the train is crowded you do not disturb other passengers. There are also restrictions on how many scooters and bicycles are allowed on board the train, as there are designated places for them. Folding electric scooters are those that do not exceed 17 inches (43 cm).

Types of Electric Scooter That Are Allowed on Trains

When it comes to what types of electric scooters are best for use in city transport such as a train, these are undoubtedly “Travel scooters“. Not only are these electric scooters small, they are also quite lightweight because they are made of aluminum frames, and some of them weigh up to 10 kg (22 pounds). When these electric scooters are assembled, their dimensions are the size of a travel bag and they are easy to store.

Also, when choosing an folding electric scooter, you should pay attention to the battery, because you want that your e-scooter have the ability to travel as much as possible with a single charge. Of course, travel scooters will have a smaller range than classic electric scooters because their dimensions are smaller, but be sure to choose a scooter that has the range of approximately 10 miles (16km). Nowadays, an electric scooter can be charged at almost every corner, since a classic socket is required for it. The charging time for an average electric scooters is about 5 hours.

How To Carry And Use An Electric Scooter On A Train

Today, a lot of people use public transportation to get to their destination, whether it’s for work, school, training or something else. However, in most cases, public transport such as a train does not lead us directly to our destination and we have to do extra mile on foot to reach it. Therefore, an electric scooter is the ideal and best solution to reach our destination quickly as possible. 

Most trains allow you to bring up your electric scooters on it, but this applies only for folding electric scooters, because they do not take up much space and are small. The most important thing when carrying an electric scooter on a train is that scooter is right next to you. Of course these rules depends from country to country. Therefore, when choosing an electric scooter, make sure you choose folding type of scooter, or as it is called “travel scooter”.  Folding electric scooters can, in most cases, be carried on a bus or even on a plane except the train.

Rules Regarding For Electric Scooters on Trains

Rules For Bringing Electric Scooter on to a Bus

  • If you are using a train and you’re bringing your electric scooter on it, the first thing you need to do is let other passengers to board on before you. So you will not be distracted by anyone when entering and exiting the train.
  • After boarding the train, your electric scooter should be kept on the floor so that does not touch other passengers on the train. You should also be right next to your scooter and not move away from it.
  • If an emergency occurs while driving, you must know that you must leave the scooter down on the floor and leave the train with the passengers as soon as possible. This is for the reason that you could slow down other passengers and make it difficult to get out, and in an emergency cases this could cost someone a life. So you need to keep that in mind.
  • You must also be aware that the train crew is not obliged to help you board your electric scooter, before getting off or getting on the train. Their job is to ensure the safety of the passengers and to assist those same passengers during and after the ride.
  • It is considered that if you own an electric scooter, you are physically healthy and able to carry that same scooter with you. You also should not be charged separately for bringing up your electric scooter on the train.
  • One of the rules is that your electric scooter must be clean when you bring it on a train, so that it does not dirty the train itself or other passengers. There are special folding bags for electric scooters that are used for this purpose. If the train crew catches you with a dirty scooter, they can charge you a fine or ask you to leave the train immediately at the next stop
  • Today a very large number of people use an electric scooter, and most of them also use public transport such as a train, and this creates a large crowd in the trains. If you find yourself on a full train, wait for the next line and board it. Trains do not guarantee that you will always be able to bring your scooter onto the train.
  • The train crew has the right to prohibit you from boarding with your electric scooter to the train if it determines that there is overcrowding of passengers on the train. This can also happen if there are special events in your city, and there is a good chance that they will prevent you from entering the train with your electric scooter. These are the rules that you should check on the web of the company where you use the transportation.

Best 3 Foldable Electric Scooters For Train

1. Xiaomi M365

Xiaomi M365

Xiaomi M365 was one of the most popular electric scooters in 2018. M365 version  can reach 25 km/h, and has attracted attention with 4 LED lights. The engine power of this M365 model is 250W, and the peak maximum power that this scooter can reach is 500W. Range of Xiaomi M365 is 19 miles (30km), and the weight is only 27 lbs (12.2kg). Time to fully charge M365 is approximately 5.5 hours. This scooter is made of aluminum and can withstand up to 100kg . A M365 won the “Best of Best” award at Red Dot 2017. This scooter is easy portable which means you can easily fold it up and take it anywhere, even on the train. It is also very easy and convenient to store even in the trunk of the car.
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2. Xiaomi M365 PRO

xiaomi M365-folding-electric-

Xiaomi M365 Pro is one of the best electric scooters on the market. This is an upgraded version of M365. This scooter looks a lot like its predecessor, but has much better LED lighting and a few more features than the previous model. The maximum speed of this scooter is 25 km/h, and has a range of 40 km, which is even 10km more than the M365 model. The engine power of M365 PRO is also higher than previous model, and it is 600W. Another major advantage is the certification of IP54 , which means that it has protection against dust and splashes, which is always something to consider. Xiaomi M365 PRO is from aluminum and can even cope with a 100kg weight. This scooter is also portable, weighing only 31 lbs (14.2kg).
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Nanrobot D4​

Nanrobot D5 is another fairly fast electric scooter that has fulfilled its promise. It has a powerful 52v 26Ah lithium battery and a 2000W direct drive hub motor, which definitely has sufficient price-performance ratio. The maximum speed of this electric scooter is 40km/h. The 52V 26Ah battery should provide a range between 30-50 miles (48-80km) depending on the rider’s weight and power used. The Nanrobot D5 comes with an additional seat that can be installed if needed, and the suspension and fat tires can reasonably absorb small bumps, although the suspension will soon reach its limit. In terms of performance, electric scooters are fast enough and the battery will give you enough commute time. Nanrobot D5 is definitely one of the better electric scooters in its price range.
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It’s hard today to go through the city without noticing a bunch of electric scooters around you. This is because they are very simple, flexible and fast so you can avoid big city traffic and get to your destination much quicker. But electric scooters have their limitations, which is a short range. Therefore, if you need to travel a little more distance, you will need to use public transportation such as a train. However, if you decide to use train to get to your destination and you want to bring your electric scooter on it, you need to make sure to check the rules of that train company and see if they allow scooters. Most train companies allow the use of electric scooters. If I have left something out or you would like to comment, feel free to write below.

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