The Pros And Cons Of Electric Scooters

The Pros And Cons Of Electric Scooters

Originally, electric scooters was designed for children . But today, given the advantages of the electric scooter, adults also use it a lot. Electric scooters are a great option for getting from point A to point B very easily and quickly. They have characteristics that make them very useful. Nevertheless, they also have their disadvantages, such as short range, speed, not resistant to rain, etc. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of scooters? So let’s see in detail all the pros and cons of today’s  electric scooters:

1. They Save Money Daily1. Electric Scooters Have a Short Life Span
2. Electric Scooters Are Easy to Use2. Electric Scooters Can Cause Accident Risk
3. They Are Lightweight And Flexible3. The Stronger the Electric Scooter the More Weight
4. Electric Scooters Reduce Stress4. They Know To Interfere With Traffic
5. They Do Not Require Insurance5. Electric Scooters Have Speed Limits
6. Electric Scooters Are Ecological And Economical6. They Can be Really Expensive Sometimes
7. They Are Environmentally Friendly7. They Are Hard To Lock
8. Electric Scooters Are a Good Means of Transport8. Not All Electric Scooters Have the Ability to Flod
9. They Can Be a Means of Sports Travel9. They Can't Be Driven On a Bad Weather
10. Electric Scooters Are Practical10. Electric Scooters Have Small Range
11. They Don't Need a Lot of Maintenance11. They Have Weak Motor Power
12. Electric Scooters Are Fun And Entertaining Tool12. Electric Scooter Can Be Used By Only 1 Person

The PROS of Electric Scooters

The PROS of electric Scooters

1. They Save Money Daily

Saving on energy consumption. A simple comparison of the cost of using an electric scooter, even with public transport, shows that using this gadget is much more profitable. Models of high-quality manufacturers, such as Xiaomi or Ninebot, provide the possibility of unlimited and comfortable movement up to 25 km (15 mls). Moreover, the recharge time is about 4-6 hours. If we compare the cost of owning an electric scooter and a car with its expenses on gasoline, service and taxes, it becomes obvious that eco-transport pays off in about a month.

2. Electric Scooters Are Easy to Use

One of the advantages of electric scooters is that they are easy to use. Almost anyone can master riding  a scooter. Its obvious advantage over gyroboards is that it is more stable on the road and allows more active maneuvering. In addition, the use of the gadget does not yet require any permissions. Patency combined with ease of movement. An electric scooter allows you to drive through the narrowest streets and in a dense stream of people or among obstacles. The gadget without problems allows you to navigate on uneven asphalt. There are models that can ride in shallow snow. Ease of movement of two-wheeled vehicles is achieved thanks to the electric motor. In this case, the driver can make efforts only at will.

3. They Are Lightweight and Flexible

Light weight with impressive payload. Net weight of powerful enough, having a large resource models, starts at 10 kg (22 lbs). At the same time, the electric scooters are capable of carrying a payload of up to 120 kg (260 lbs). Such indicators allow the use of electric scooters by a wide range of users. Most scooters are also collapsible, which gives them additional flexibility. They are in many places in the city, so you can quickly get from A to B and take the scooter home to recharge.

4. Electric Scooters Reduce Stress

People who are constantly using electric scooters have reported that they have reduced their stress levels because these devices make many things easier. In addition, they do not have to spend their money in order to refuel over and over again. They also added that they are extremely easy to use, since all electric scooters use standard electronic safety components. Riding an electric scooter relaxes people, as they enjoy easy riding and put all their worries aside. As part of all this, the stress is much less when people use electric scooters.

5. They Do Not Require Insurance

As electric scooters are not considered to be real vehicles in the eyes of the law, they do not require a special permit or insurance except for certain models beyond a certain power; you can legally ride an electric scooter anywhere you want. Today you will rarely find any means of transport that does not require insurance.It is also a yearly savings, which means a lot.

6. Electric Scooters Are Ecological and Economical

The other great advantage of electric scooters is that they are environmentally friendly. Like the pedelecs, they work under the impulse of an electric motor. As a result, they help protect the environment. On the other hand, they provide natural ventilation and leave no trace of CO2. Thus, they also contribute to the maintenance of the driver’s health . What is more, electric scooters have the advantage of being user-friendly. Compared to other machines that have motors, they are not noisy. On some levels, they are more beneficial than cars and bikes. Indeed, their acquisition and maintenance costs are not high . You will also not need to pay money to refuel.

7. They Are Environmentally Friendly

If you love nature, and if you are an environmentally conscious person, you would be happy to know that electric scooters have a positive impact on the environment, because they do not burn fossil fuels, and do not release dioxide harmful carbon. Now, of course, the power plants indirectly produce carbon dioxide to charge the batteries, but by using electric scooters, instead of cars, you minimize the damage that could be caused to the environment. And, by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, you not only reduce pollution and help improve air quality, but also limit the effects of global warming.

8. Electric Scooters Are A Good Means of Transport

Among the advantages of electric scooters, one could not miss the practical aspect of this machine.If you ask a user what are the benefits of electric scooters. Chances are, he’ll say it’s a good and fast form of transportation. Before, very few people could have imagined traveling with such a two wheeler. But over time things have changed. Compared to a classic model, electric models have the advantage of offering a better speeds. You no longer risk arriving late for work (or an appointment) because of traffic jams that block traffic. Obviously, you will first need to properly charge the battery of your scooter. So you can travel all the way without worrying about will you get in time.

9. They Can Be A Means of Sports Travel

In addition to being a means of transportation, it also allows you to keep yourself in good physical condition. This is one of the great advantages of electric scooters. Scooters do not have seats. The driver is therefore obliged to remain standing on the board during the journey. Since it is a power tool, it is easy to handle. Then, keeping your balance on it, you will work the abdominal and back muscles in the same way. This is another advantage that you will enjoy with this product. You will also use your arms to properly steer the scooter. Visual acuity is also taken into account. Indeed, the driver must have a good vision in order to quickly grasp any obstacles. On the safety side, most models incorporate an intelligent security system that protects the driver , another big advantage for the electric scooter!

10. Electric Scooters Are Practical

Electric scooters are designed to be light and practical. You can get electric scooters under 10 kg (22 lbs), but most average around 10-12 kilograms depending on the model and size of the battery. If you have a foldable electric scooter, you will find it very practical. You can fold and unfold it in 3 seconds, and it will fit under your desk. You can take it with you to work or school, and you don’t have to leave it outside. This is the main advantage of a foldable electric scooter compared to a traditional or electric bike.

11. They Don’t Need a Lot of Maintenance

An electric scooter doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, in fact, almost none. You must make sure that the screws are tightened once a month and lubricate them if necessary. But, that’s it, unless some parts break. In my experience, if you invest in a high quality scooter, the parts are reliable. Even if you have to change a broken wheel, light, tire or mudguard, it’s nothing compared to the cost of owning a car. Cars require a lot of maintenance, but we usually only calculate the price of gasoline. All of this can increase the cost per kilometer because car parts are expensive and difficult to change yourself.

12. Electric Scooters Are Fun And Entertaining Tool

Another considerable name advantage, the “fun and entertaining” side will surely delight the most players among you. Originally, scooters were tools designed to allow children to relax and have fun with each other or individually. Whether classic or electric, these machines have kept these attributes. The only thing that has evolved is the nature of its users since adults have also gotten into it. It is a great way to spend time, for example with your children in a park or even in your garden. By having fun they will unconsciously do a little sport and this will help keep them in good health . This is yet another pros of electric scooters.

The CONS of Electric Scooters

The CONS of electric Scooters

1. Electric Scooters Have a Short Life Span

Electric scooters are battery-powered, and these batteries have an average life of about 500 cylces. Of course the battery on an electric scooter can be replaced, and that’s not a problem. But the price of a battery can sometimes amount to more than 40% of the electric scooter itself. There are also other consumables like brakes, wheels, electronics. If you own an electric scooter with proper and regular maintenance, it will last up to about 3 years.

2. Electric Scooters Can Cause Accident Risk

Electric scooters can reach speeds of up to 30 km/h (18 mph) and at these speeds you can cause serious injuries. A lot of injuries were reported related to electric scooters, and there will be more and more of them if the number of electric scooters increases. It is also difficult to react at these speeds if you are traveling out of the way, because only a fraction of the negligence is needed.

3. The Stronger the Electric Scooter the More Weight

Electric scooters normally weigh up to 10kg on average, but if the scooter has a larger battery with a larger capacity, it will mean that it is above its average weight. Such scooters are a little more complicated to carry and will not be easy to carry it after riding. Battery size determines 30% of the weight of the electric scooter.

4. They Know To Interfere With Traffic

Electric scooters can also be used on the road if there are no bike lanes. If you are driving them, try to move along the side of the road so that you do not obstruct traffic. As we said earlier, electric scooters are speed-limiting and therefore they can slow down traffic and create a potential hazard on the roads.

5. Electric Scooters Have Speed Limits

Electric scooters have speed limits – around 25 km/h (15 mph), or sometimes less. Therefore, do not expect to reach your destination like lightning. But they still have the advantage of avoiding certain obstacles such as traffic jams, etc. But, in general, beyond a certain distance it will take you even longer to reach the destination … they are actually designed to cover limited distances, so do not expect to move from a city to a other with electric scooter..

6. They Can be Really Expensive Sometimes

The price is one of the main advantages and disadvantages of the electric scooter, although it is the main obstacle for many of us. Electric scooters are expensive, especially the high quality ones. The reason for this high price is the battery. Batteries are expensive and difficult to produce, so scooters that offer a long range will be very expensive. If you don’t already have a car, the idea of ​​buying an electric scooter seems more logical. If you already have a car and pay all taxes and maintenance, you can get a lot of liters of gas for the price of an electric scooter. 

7. Electric Scooters Are Hard To Lock

If you are headed to town and want to lock them in front of the store, sometimes it can be complicated. Some electric scooters are not lockable and you are at risk. In addition, the lock also need to carry with you because you can not carry on an electric scooter.

8. Not All Electric Scooters Have the Ability to Fold

The presence of a folding mechanism does not always allow you always to conveniently and compactly put the product in the trunk of a car. Often you have to first remove the seat. Aome electric scooters do not even have a folding mechanism, so it is inconvenient to carry them. If you come to work, you want your scooter to be assembled and placed in an inconspicuous place, which is not always possible.

9. They Can’t Be Driven On a Bad Weather

Electric scooters can actually be used in bad weather such as light rain and snow, but it is not recommended! If you want your scooter to run as long as possible and have no breakdowns, you will avoid the cold weather, rain and snow. Electric scooters are made up of electronic components and are sensitive to moisture and water. Weather conditions are difficult for the operation of vehicles. Weather dependency: The scooters are not always used. It is to be expected that the use of e-scooters will decrease significantly both in the rain and generally in the cold season.

10. Electric Scooters Have Small Range

The distance that an electric scooter can cover is significantly lower than that of a car. This is mostly a problem because the batteries do not have enough capacity. Today’s electric scooters have the ability to travel approximately 30 to 40 km with just one single charge. But this distance is questionable as it depends on the weight of the person riding the scooter and other factors such as wind, slope of the road and the like. Until better and quality batteries appear, this will remain one of the biggest drawbacks of electric scooters.

11. They Have Weak Motor Power

Electric scooters have weak motors with a power of 250 watts or a little bit more. If the user weighs more than 80 kg, then climbing the mountain with your scooter will be problematic – there simply will not be enough power. Therefore, any slight increase if you come across, you will have a problem and will have to get off your electric scooter. Of course, the motor power also refers to the maximum speed that an electric scooter can achieve.

12. Electric Scooter Can Be Used By Only 1 Person

If the user wants to give someone a lift, this is unlikely to succeed, as with any other form of transport. Therefore, you have to ride alone. Electric scooters also have a limit on how much weight they can handle, which is solely due to engine strain and battery consumption. So if you decide to take someone on your electric scooter, it won’t be a good idea.


Electric scooter is an interesting means of transportation and is mainly suitable for large cities where there are smooth roads and there are many hours of traffic jams. But like everything, electric scooters have their advantages and disadvantages. As you can see, we have gone through almost all the pros and cons of electric scooters in this article. Many users of electronic scooters have fallen for their charm because of their maneuverability. Others on the other hand prefer them because they are very practical means of transport and not at all bulky. The advantages of an electric scooter are many, just as we listed them here. Disadvantages also exist, but there are many fewer. If I forgot something or you would like to add, feel free to write in the comment section below.

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