How To Increase The Speed Of An Electric Scooter?

How To Increase The Speed Of An Electric Scooter

How to increase the speed of an electric scooter is a common question, since most manufacturers focus not on scooter speed, but on safety, quality and compliance with US and European standards. If you already have your own electric scooter and you want to increase its speed, we have prepared step-by-step instructions for you. The question is how can I do it properly without damaging my scooter?

So Can You Increase the Speed of the Electric Scooter and How? Yes, you can! You may want to increase the speed of the scooter but then you have to watch out for the limits of that scooter so you don’t damage it. The ways you can do it are: removing the speed limiter, increasing the battery power, rewinding the motor and changing the sprockets.

Before increasing the speed of the electric scooter you need to know the parts of the scooter. Brakes-are meant for slowing down or stopping the scooter. Chains are used to connect the motor. Charger- connects the wheel and the motor. The motor is used for propelling. Sprockets this is the point driven by the motor. Wheels are the ones that make revolutions and have tubes. The controller connects all the parts.

6 Ways To Increase The Speed Of An Electric Scooter:
1. Remove the Speed Limiter
2. Increase the Battery Power
3. Change the Tires
4. Add Another Battery
5. Rewind the Motor
6. Change the Sprockets

Ways To Increase The Speed Of The Electric Scooter:

1. Remove the Speed Limiter

Removing the speed limiter will increase the speed of the scooter but this will make drain the battery life faster. This has its pros and cons. The speed limiter was installed there for some reason, and that is for safety. If you decide to remove the speed limiter make sure you are careful while driving on a busy street. You safety is important therefore keep this in mind.

2. Increase the Battery Power

The speed has way too much to do with (battery) power. If the power is limited then the speed will deteriorate. The power can be increased by adding the voltage. If the battery voltage is low, you need a battery that has a higher voltage, and with that you will get the extra power needed to get your electric scooter going faster.

3. Change the Tires

There are types of tires that can give some extra speed to your electric scooter. These types of tires are „airless tires“ as they can reduce friction and thus your scooter gets more speed. This will not only give you extra speed, but you will also be able to get extra miles. Of course, you won’t get some huge differences, but the results will definitely be visible.

4. Add Another Battery

You can add another battery if the voltage is not enough. This will help in maintaining the maximum speed for a longer period of time, as we all know that adding a battery physically will not increase the speed. Also you can try to get rid of the speed limiter, and by this you will add some extra speed to your scooter.

5. Rewind the Motor

By rewinding the motor, it decreases coil winding, therefore, increasing the number of revolutions made. Make sure you do this properly since this modification is for advanced users. I would not recommend doing this yourself, but calling someone that know what he is doing. You could do more harm than good if you do this alone.

6. Change the Sprockets

You can remove and install long sprockets at the front and shorter at the rear. This will add some extra miles per hour. Also consult with someone who understands that, so you can choose the right sprockets before deciding to replace them. This will be an additional cost, but it is definitely worth it if you want to increase the speed on your electric scooter.

Dangers of Increasing The Speed on Electric Scooter

Dangers of Increasing The Speed on Electric Scooter

Of course, with all the things in the world, doing something beyond what the device is designed for can lead to some dangers we can face. You can conduct such experiments by yourself, but it is better to entrust such work to professionals, because:

  1. The power indicated on the motor-wheel is limited, exceeding that power can lead to mechanism overheats. Therefore, the engine must operate at maximum speed for only a short time, and the rest of the time should not exceed the rated power.
  2. Checking the margin of safety of the motor-wheel often leads to its combustion, so we do not recommend exceeding the load on the electric motor by more than two times. To determine the actual power consumption of the electric motor in various modes, use an ammeter. To calculate the actual power value (in W), you need to multiply the current strength (in A) by the operating voltage (in V).
  3. It is advisable to purchase and use motor wheels together with suitable controllers for their characteristics – their power must not exceed the load safe for a particular electric motor.
  4. Using an increased power controller can increase the torque on the electric motor. Whether the speed of the electric scooter will increase as a result depends on the applied voltage.
  5. Using a controller with a power exceeding the maximum power of the electric scooter in warm weather is fraught with overheating of the windings, melting of the insulation and the occurrence of inter-turn short circuit. As a result, even after a small mileage, you will have to rewind the motor, buy a new electric motor or pedal.

How to Safely Increase the Speed of an Electric Scooter

Before you increase the speed of an electric scooter, analyze whether you really need to ride faster. If the available speed categorically does not suit you, change the motor wheel to a more powerful one or install another electric motor on the second wheel and get an all-wheel drive electric bike with the dynamic characteristics you need. And always use full-time controllers – they will provide the vehicle with reliable operation for many years. An indirect factor affecting the speed of the electric scooter is the weight of the structure. It can be facilitated through the use of lighter batteries, wheels, frames and other components.

Objective Risks in Increasing The Speed To Your Electric Scooter

Do not use the electric scooter in maximum power mode. Even if you already do this, and the windings are still in order, this means that critical power is used for a short time, and the engine does not have time to cool, but one day it can happen. Motor wheels with burned windings and magnets falling away from critical temperatures are often brought to repair, so we advise you to avoid such experiments. A logical question arises – why are there no temperature sensors in the motor wheels that exclude overheating? It’s just that when using a standard controller, the motor-wheel does not overheat even when driving in the summer heat to 35°C, and it makes no sense to complicate the controller by installing a temperature sensor.

Some models of electric scooters are capable of speeds of 50 km/h and more, but have a limiter that does not allow them to accelerate above 30 km/h. Usually it is wired into electronics and resembles a small resistor. To get rid of it, it is necessary to have knowledge in the radio part to remove the limiter and, if necessary, replace other parts of the controller. We do not recommend removing the speed limiter, as this can lead to problems with the engine, battery life and scooter reliability.

How to Increase The Voltage For More Speed to An Electric Scooter?

The first step is to analyze the installed controller. You need to look at what limit voltage the internal capacitors and transistor switches are designed for. You can try to give a voltage higher to an existing controller: perhaps its margin of safety allows you to do this, and the controller will not burn.

 It is better not to risk it with a standard motor control controller and immediately change it to a model designed for higher voltage. This is an inexpensive purchase: the price of controllers starts at $25, and can reach up to $60. There are more expensive models with a price tag of $240-$400: these are programmable powerful models with bluetooth technology, improved protection against breakdowns and malfunctions. To install the controller, you need to solder about 15 wires: if you do not have the appropriate skills, feel free to contact some specialists. They will help you to carry out the installation quickly, efficiently and guaranteed to protect you from any errors in the installation of components.

How Does the Controller Affect the Speed in Electric Scooters?

Replacing the controller with a model with a higher voltage , you will also need to replace the battery with a more powerful one. It is important that these two components are designed for the same voltage value. In addition, pay attention to the brakes of your electric scooter: can they provide safe and quick braking at a new, increased speed? Now we turn to the question of the capabilities of your motor. Gear motors respond poorly to an increase in voltage along with current. If you manage to increase the voltage without exceeding the current limit recommended by the manufacturer, then the motor will not fail. Engines with direct drive painlessly tolerate a 2-fold increase in power. To increase it even more, it is better to contact specialists for help: here you will need to do fine work in setting up protection of components against overheating.

So, replacing the components of an electric scooter to increase speed can entail considerable costs. Sometimes it’s easier to choose a scooter model with the initial parameters and driving characteristics that will suit you – choose the right vehicle in online store.

Increasing the Speed of the Electric Scooter for the Disabled

The speed of electric scooter models for the disabled is mainly limited by manufacturers. This is done by software methods or by activating the jammer. It is not recommended to increase the speed of such electric scooters. This not only creates the threat of failure of certain parts of the scooter, but can also lead to emergencies in the way and threats to the health and life of the driver and other participants in the movement.

Top 3 Fastest Electric Scooters For Sale In 2020:

1. Dualtron Thunder

Dualtron Thunder​

Dualtron Thunder scooter is powered by a 60 Volts, 2500 Watt brushless motor hub that can take you at 75 km/h between 40 and 80 km. The result is a very impressive performance. The motor controller efficiently regulates and manages the electrical power that is supplied to the motor according to its performance needs and the requirements of the controller. Regulates engine speed and torque while controlling engine performance. The Dualtron Thunder is the ideal transport vehicle to have. Features include 10-inch wheels (rim) and 3.5 inch wide tires for traction and stability, front and rear disc brakes, front and rear dual shock absorbers and button to control speed.
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2. UberScoot 1600w 48v

UberScoot 1600w 48

The UberScoot 1600w 48v electric scooter is different from most other electric scooters in many ways. The main difference is that it uses an indirect chain to drive the motor, and the power supply is powered by a series of old, sealed lead-acid batteries. At first glance, when you see UberScoot 1600w, it looks very good value for money, but this electric scooter is really cheap.  If you’re looking for a fast electric scooter that can get 10-12 miles on a single charge without having to make a fuss. This model can reach speeds up to 20mph (30kmh). Despite many satisfied customers, concerns have been raised about many issues, from build quality to potentially dangerous poor wiring. Other reported problems include poor speed and poor braking. Motor: 1600 Watt (Brushless), Battery: Four 12V / 12AH (48 Volt System) Sealed Lead Acid (SLA), Maximum load: 265 pounds.
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3. QIEWA Q1 Hummer

Qiewa Qmini​

Qiewa Q1: My passion for electric bikes has led me to explore various forms of personal electric transportation, and Q1Hummer is my first introduction to the world of electric scooters. What struck me was that the first thing about this scooter was its build quality-it looked very sturdy and sturdy and weighed about 55lbs (25kg). A large part of this weight will be attributed to the huge 48v 26ah lithium battery pack hidden under the deck. This is my first experience with a fast electric scooter, and I have to admit that it is fun! My overall impression is that the Q1Hummer is rugged and reasonably structured, and the electric motor has enough power to meet daily riding needs. Specifications: Scooter weight: 55lbs, maximum load weight: 550lbs, Maximum power: 800 Watts, Battery range: 35-65 miles, Drive speed: 3 Adjustable drive speed 12/25 / 37MPH (60kmh).
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How Long Does it Take to Charge an Electric Scooter?

As more people look at an electric scooter as a better option, demand has increased. Also, manufacturers have made it very easy to own and use an electric scooter. This has been achieved by better batteries that hold the charge longer and have the ability to charge quickly. On average, it takes about 4 to 12 hours to fully charge the battery on an electric scooter. But it all depends on the size of the battery. One of the biggest problems faced by the models initially introduced in the market was the time required to charge the batteries. And individuals didn’t have the time or patience to wait forever. However, recent advances in technology and materials have made it possible for batteries to charge faster and maintain a charge for a longer period.

Proper Use of Battery Charge Options

Modern electric scooters come with a range of options that help the user choose between power and range. Responsible riding helps maintain the load for a long time and enjoy the full benefits of an electric scooter. With increasing traffic in cities, it is not possible to zoom in at high speeds. So by choosing the right option according to traffic and terrain, you can get the most out of your battery. It is important to note that charging needs to be done on time. Instead of waiting for the battery to run out completely, it is always a good option to recharge the battery when the battery is low. A fully discharged battery takes slightly longer than a battery that is not fully discharged. To fully enjoy the benefits of advanced technology and materials it is prudent to use it according to standard instructions.


In this article, we’ve covered all the possible ways you can improve the speed on your electric scooter and what the pros and cons of it. We’ve worked out all the ways you can do this, and we’ve also gone through a few more narrow topics related to this. We have also touched on the downsides that speeding on an electric scooter brings. Here are also describe 3 popular electric scooters currently on the market. If I left out something or you want to add something, feel free to leave a comment below.

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