The Pros And Cons Of Segway

Segways are two-wheeled vehicles with a bar and handlebar between the wheels to hold on to. The driver stands on a platform, controls, and brakes by shifting weight. These electric vehicles appeared on the market many years ago. If you are a person who loves to try something new, a Segway is a great electronic vehicle for you. With it, you can save a lot of time if you are moving around the city and it can go through destinations that you cannot drive with a car or moped. In this article, we’ll go through all the pros and cons that segway have. So, let’s start.

What Is Segway?

Before we roll in into pros and cons, let’s understand the basics about Segways. The Segway is a compact, fast, and extremely easy to handle electronic device, that does not require sports training and surpasses both the cyclist and the pedestrian in maneuverability. The driver stands on a platform between two wheels arranged side by side and can hold on to a handlebar. Each wheel is driven by a separate electric motor via individual wheel drive. Different speeds of the wheels allow cornering as with tracked vehicles. Segway can swiftly turn on the spot and quickly picks up speed. 

Segway will pass where neither bike nor car can get through. Inside shopping and warehouse complexes, in exhibition halls, airport terminals, in elevators, in the bustle of central streets, in parks and recreation areas, on city sightseeing routes. A full charge of two batteries will allow you to travel up to 38 kilometers (23 miles), depending on the type of terrain, the user’s weight, and his riding style.

The Pros And Cons Of Segway:

The Pros The Cons
1. You Can Save Money1. Segways Are Slow
2. Segways Are Easy To Ride2. They Are Heavy
3. They Are Environmental Friendly3. Hard To Lock
4. Segways Have Cool Design4. They Are Expensive
5. They Have A Big Range5. Segways Can Be Used By Only 1 Person

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The Pros Of Segway

1. You Can Save Money

By using a Segway as your electric vehicle you can save a lot of money compared to a car or taxi to get to your destination. Electricity is very cheap compared to petrol or a transport service such as a taxi. In the long run, owning a segway is very cost-effective. You just need to charge the battery and you are ready to go. The cost per 1 km on a Segway is about a penny.

2. Segways Are Easy To Ride

You do not need any skills to drive a segway. Just stand on it and lean a little bit forward and you’re ready to go. Segways have a built-in gyroscope that helps you maintain balance and you don’t have to be afraid of falling off it. Unlike electric scooters, they are much safer when it comes to balance and driving.

3. They Are Environmental Friendly

Segways run on electricity and they don’t need gasoline. The world is increasingly exposed to pollution, and it is necessary to take the green path. Vehicles such as electric bicycles, scooters, and segway are the way to go to save the planet.

4. Segways Have Cool Design

The great thing about segway is that they have a really unique and cool design. Although there are different models and each is unique in some ways, you can’t go wrong with choosing a segway. When you ride it down the street everyone will notice you and take a look at it.

5. They Have a Big Range

The average range of a Segway is around 24 miles (38 km) on a single charge. This range is quite enough if you are using your Segway in the city to go from one place to another. These devices charge very quickly, so you won’t have any problems with that either. Of course, how far you can go also depends on the type of terrain you are driving on.

The Cons Of Segway

1. Segways Are Slow

The maximum speed that a Segway can achieve is around 18.6 mph (30 km/h). This is pretty slow if we compare that to electric scooters and bikes. The average speed of a segway is around 12 mph (19 km/h). Of course at high speeds, the Segway consumes the battery much faster and reduces your range.

2. They Are Heavy

The average weight of a Segway is around 100 lbs (45 kg). This is pretty heavy for a segway and you can’t take it with you to your office, gym, or shopping center. Also if you want to ride on a bus or tram, they will not allow you to take it with you.

3. Hard To Lock

Segways are sometimes hard to lock. Due to their unusual design, it can sometimes be complicated to lock them if you want to go to the store, or to a shopping mall. They are also quite noticeable which can potentially be a problem because they catch the eye of thieves.

4. They Are Expensive

These devices are not cheap and their price range is from $1000 up to $5000, depending on the model. Such high prices make it inaccessible to many users. If we compare electric bikes and scooters, they are much cheaper and offer better features than the Segway.

5. Segways Can Be Used By Only 1 Person

One of the disadvantages of a segway is that it can only carry one person. If you find yourself in a situation where you want to take someone with you on the ride, you will not be able to do so. This vehicle is made for only 1 person only. The Segway maintains balance using a gyroscope, which would be difficult for two people to control if they used it at the same time.

How A Segway Works?

A computer-controlled control circuit automatically keeps the segway vehicle in equilibrium. The segway drives in the direction in which the driver leans. As soon as the inclination sensors (gyroscopes) register that the driver is leaning forwards or backward, the wheels turn the platform again below the driver’s center of gravity and thus prevent it from tipping over. Movement is only controlled by shifting your weight, there are no controls for braking or accelerating. 

This mode of operation corresponds to the upright walk, in which the feet are always placed under the center of gravity instead of the wheels. The segway can therefore be operated intuitively. A pivoting the handlebar to the right or left causes a corresponding cornering. As soon as the driver leans to the side with the handlebar, the tilting moment generates the necessary centripetal force and thus also stabilizes the driver sideways.

What To Look For When Buying Segway?

If you decide to purchase a Segway, first you need to clearly understand for whom exactly the segway is needed, for an adult or for a child, and how exactly it will be used. For small easy walks around the city? Feel free to take any model. Want to ride longer? We recommend that you buy a Segway with an increased power reserve. Is the road surface flat or is it off-road? We look at the shock absorbers and the diameter of the wheels.

In addition, it is important to take into account the carrying capacity – absolutely any model has a rider’s weight limit, approximately in the range of 100-150 kg (220 to 330 lbs). More “strong” models go uphill more vigorously, it is convenient to carry small loads on them. Also, if your back and knees get tired quickly, you should think about a seat.


Segways are one of the first electronic vehicles that appeared on the streets and have gained great popularity. They have attracted the attention of many, but as the competition never sleeps, many similar products have appeared on the market such as electric scooters and skateboards that have also driven the market crazy. In this article, we have listed the advantages and disadvantages that segway has. I hope we helped you if you were hesitant to take one for yourself.

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