The Pros And Cons Of Electric Skateboards

Many of us remember the good old skateboards from our childhood, and even now their demand is very high. But progress does not stand still, and manufacturers with great persistence are in a hurry to offer us all-new “toys” for fun. And now, on the market, you can find brand new electric skateboards! No fancy movements are required from the rider; on an electric skateboard, you practically don’t have to move at all!

These skateboards appeared on the market relatively recently, and they have already gained great popularity among skateboard fans around the world. The electric skateboard can be controlled with ease and at the same time, it has increased maneuverability when compared to ordinary skateboards. Learning how to ride an electric skateboard is very simple, and you don’t need any additional knowledge. In this article, we’ll go through all the pros and cons of electric skateboards. So, let’s start!

The Pros And Cons Of Electric Skateboards:

The Pros The Cons
1. Fun And Entertaining Tool1. They Can’t Be Hard To Drive On a Bad Weather
2. They Do Not Require Insurance2. They Can Be Dangerous
3. They Can Be A Great Exercise 3. They Need A Place To Charge
4. They Are Environmentally Friendly4. Sometimes They Can Be Hard To Carry
5. Learn Snowboard Or Surfing Skills5. Electric Skateboards Are Expensive
6. Electric Skateboards Are Fast6. Electric Skateboards Have Weak Motor Power
7. They’re Portable And Easy To Carry7. They Are Prone to Damage
8. They’re Great for Beginners8. Electric Skateboards Have Weight Limitations
9. They Don’t Need a Lot of Maintenance9. Problems With Battery Can Arise
10. Efficient Way Of Transport10. Electric Skateboards Are Not Legal Everywhere

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Electric Skateboard Introduction

The electric skateboard is a device that is included in the list of electric mobility devices. Its simple structure and operation are the secret of its ever-increasing popularity. In fact, more and more people are looking for a means of transport that is at the same time practical, trendy and not bulky. These skateboards are also popular because they are environmentally friendly and cheap to maintain.

Electric skateboards offered by manufacturers differ in speed, power, design, and maximum carrying capacity. The price of an electric skate depends on these characteristics. Electric skateboards are gaining popularity in the wake of other electric vehicles such as hoverboards, segway, electric scooters, and others. Like any other device, there are some advantages and disadvantages that we will discuss now.

The Pros Of Electric Skateboards 

1. Fun And Entertaining Tool

Electric skateboards are fun and entertaining mobility devices to ride. If you’ve ever watched the cult blockbuster Back to the Future, you could have seen flying skateboards. Well, this is something closest to that, because when you are riding an electric skateboard, you feel like you’re hovering above the ground. If you ride at high speeds, you will get an indescribable feeling of excitement, because something like this is only possible on an electric skateboard.

2. They Do Not Require Insurance

Electric skateboards do not require insurance and registration. Although they fall under electric vehicles, their power is too small and they are not subject to these requirements. You can legally ride your electric skateboard anywhere you want. This can save you money in the long run, which is a great thing. Although electric scooters have laws and regulations where they can be ridden, for this class of vehicles they don’t yet exist.

3. They Can Be A Great Exercise 

If you are using your electric skateboard like a normal one, this can be a great exercise for your legs and body. When you are using the legs, it would be advisable to change them from time to time. Sometimes you will find yourself in a situation where your battery is empty, so you will have no choice but to use your foot to keep moving, which is a great thing if you ask me.

4. They Are Environmentally Friendly

Electric skateboards are powered by an electric battery, which means they belong to environmentally friendly vehicles that do not pollute the environment. The electric batteries that are used in the skateboards are much smaller than those in cars, which is also a great thing. If you move frequently around the city, you will definitely be one of those who will use an environmentally friendly means of transportation.

5. Learn Snowboard Or Surfing Skills

Although these are completely different disciplines, some basic balance and skills can still be learned by riding an electric skateboard. With the use of an electric skateboard, you will have a very similar way of driving, which is almost identical to when you snowboard or surf. By increasing the speed on your electric skateboard, you get a better balance.

6. Electric Skateboards Are Fast

Electric skateboards can achieve a very impressive speed that can be up to 30 mph (48 kmh). Although their speed varies depending on the model, these skateboards can go between 9 mph (15 kmh) all the way up to 68 mph (110 kmh). We recommend that you don’t go more than 25 miles per hour (40 kmh) as you can get very easily injured if you are not an experienced driver. Always use a nice flat road if you decide to drive very fast.

7. They’re Portable And Easy To Carry

Electric skateboards are very light, and on average weigh only a few pounds, which makes them very suitable to carry. If you use an electric skateboard for work, training, shopping or going to town, you can very easily take it with you and you don’t have to leave it on the street. They can also be carried in a car, bus or train without no worry that you will thereby interfere with someone on public transport.

8. They’re Great for Beginners

If you are a person who likes to try new things, then an electric skateboard is the right thing for you. This vehicle is very easy to ride and gives you real adrenaline while you use it. Control is performed via a remote control that you hold in your hand and accelerate or decelerate with it. All you need to ride this skateboard is a decent balance that you will gain over time. So this is definitely a great thing for beginners.

9. They Don’t Need a Lot of Maintenance

Electric skateboards usually don’t need maintenance. This is the type of vehicle that you just need to recharge and you are ready to go. Just make sure that all the parts are firmly attached and you’re ready. High-quality electric skateboards are made of excellent materials that are waterproof, so even rain cannot cause damage. The only things you will have to change from time to time are broken wheels.

10. Efficient Way Of Transport

If you move around the city often, and you need to get from one place to another as quickly as possible, an electric skateboard is the best way to do it. With it, you can move around pedestrian zones, bicycle zones, and even on the road. You can always take your electric skateboard with you, so you don’t have to leave it on the street. Therefore, owning an electric skateboard will bring you a lot of flexibility to move true the city.

The Cons of Electric Skateboards

1. They Can’t Be Hard To Drive On a Bad Weather

Electric skateboards can be hard to drive if there is heavy rain or snow. Therefore, you also depend on the weather conditions that can be unpredictable and can prevent you from using your electric skateboard. A lot of electric skateboards are not waterproof, so water can also affect them.

2. They Can Be Dangerous

If you ride fast enough and carelessly on your electric skateboard you can get injured. While this is often the case with new riders, even the more experienced ones know to fall off from their electric skateboards when they ride fast. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be a problem with your skills, but it can happen that you run into some hole in the road or someone crashes into you. Be sure to wear proper safety gear each time you ride to avoid injuries.

3. They Need A Place To Charge

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a charging place. If you are riding your electric skateboard and the battery runs out in the middle of the street, you need to find the place where you will charge your battery. Even if you find the place, you will need to wait a while for the battery to charge so you can continue on. Keep in mind that you can also buy some extra swappable batteries for your skateboard.

4. Sometimes They Can Be Hard To Carry

Some electric skateboard models are hard to carry because of their size and weight. If you are going to work, you need to carry it with you to the office, because electric skateboards can’t be locked like electric bikes and scooters, and they can take up a lot of space in your office. Some models can even weigh from 15 to 28 pounds (6.8 to 12.8 kg), which for some people can be a problem.

5. Electric Skateboards Are Expensive

Higher quality models of electric skateboards can be much more expensive than ordinary skateboards. The price range of these skateboards is around $400 up to $2000. But in the long run, they definitely pay off, because all you need is electricity to keep them moving. Therefore, their price is even somewhat justified.

6. Electric Skateboards Have Weak Motor Power

Electric skateboards, unlike electric bicycles and scooters, have much weaker motor power. It is much harder to keep balance on a skateboard than on a scooter and bicycle at high speeds, so motor power is limited. For true and experienced skateboard fans this is a disadvantage if you ask them.

7. They Are Prone to Damage

Electric skateboards consist of a lot of electronic components that are located under the board and are very often exposed to various things that can damage the motor. If you are driving on a rocky road, it may damage some of the components under the board, which may cause your skateboard to malfunction. Therefore, riders need to take caution when they are riding in areas that are exposed to such things on the road.

8. Electric Skateboards Have Weight Limitations

If you are a heavier person, and you have more than 100 kg (220 lbs), it is very difficult but also risky for you to ride an electric skateboard. The boards on which you stand can be very sensitive and can break if they are made of poor quality material, but also high speeds in heavier people can lead to imbalances and serious injuries.

9. Problems With Battery Can Arise

Although this is not a common problem and it happens very rarely, it should be noted that if you do not take care of the battery on your electric skateboard you may have problems. It is advisable to charge the batteries as soon as they discharge, and deep discharges should be avoided. Also, if you will not be using your electric skateboard for a longer period of time, it is advisable to charge the battery and store it properly.

10. Electric Skateboards Are Not Legal Everywhere

Although these electric vehicles are fairly new, they are not legal in some countries. Some countries classify them as electric scooters, while there are some countries that have not yet enacted laws for them and they are not allowed. But as their popularity grows, I believe that will change. So be careful and check if they are allowed in your country.

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If you decide to buy your first electric skateboard, and you have never ridden it before, then it is better to try to ride an ordinary model first. This will be useful for you to save money because if you realize over time that this is not your vehicle, you will not lose as much as when buying an electric skateboard.

If you are overweight, then you should also not want to buy this device. This recommendation is also relevant for ordinary skateboards, but the consequences there may not be so serious. Overall, there are many more reasons why you should buy this new product. If you are going to ride long distances, then the electric skateboard will help conserve strength and energy for long walks.

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