Razor E300 Review

Razor e300 Review

So, you are considering to buy Razor E300 electric scooter? You are at the right place! The Razor E300 is one of the best solutions for teenagers and adults. This scooter can achieve a top speed of 15 mph (24 km/h), comes with a large frame and deck, and have a great design. The Razor E300 is primarily designed for kids and teenagers that love comfortable riding. So if you opt for the Razor E300, you will certainly not make the wrong decision. This is because the Razor provides great safety due to its extra wide tires and the large deck which makes him extremely easy and comfortable to ride. Here are 15 things you need to know before buying the Razor E300. So let’s get into about all the pros and cons of this scooter and its features.

The Razor E300 Review:

  • Design:  7/10
  • Speed:  7.5/10
  • Mileage:  8/10
  • Features:  5/10
  • Value For Money:  8/10

The Good: The Razor E300 comes with fat pneumatic tires that are comfortable, give a stable ride and its low price makes a good value for money.

The Bad: The Razor E300 is an extremely basic model, that has no LEDs, no lockability, and the charging time is 12 hours.


  • Dimensions: 40″ x 16.5″ x 42.5″
  • Top Speed: 15 mph
  • Battery: Up to 45 min
  • Power: 250 W
  • Tires: 9” pneumatic
  • Weight: 46 lbs

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         The PROS:

  • Max speed of 15 mph
  • Max range of 10 miles
  • Extra quiet chain-drive motor
  • Wide tires (10-inch tires)
  • Large deck
  • Perfect for teenagers & adults

        The CONS:

  • Charging time is 12 hours
  • Doesn’t do very well going uphill
  • Assembly required (10 mins)

15 Things To Know Before Buying the Razor E300

The Razor E300 is an electric scooter that is suitable for all kinds of riders, unlike the E200 model which is primarily intended for kids. In this article, we will answer all of the questions about the Razor E300 electric scooter, and give you the best insight is this scooter for you. This is one of the most popular electric scooters at a very affordable price and offers a very large number of options for both adults and teenagers. So whether you are a beginner or a pro, we will go through all the things that are important in the E300 model. The Razor is a world-famous brand of electric scooters and they have been on the market for over 20 years. So let’s begin with Razor E300 Review!

1. Who is the Razor E300 For?

Will the Razor E300 suit your needs?

The Razor E300 is a unique electric scooter that is designed both for teenagers and adults. Although the Razor has been in the scooter market for over 20 years, they have always been more based on kids and teenagers, so we can say that this model is still a bit more of an option for teenagers due to its design, performance, and features. This E300 model is an ideal choice if you are going to use it around the neighborhood, going to the store, or maybe through the park. If you need an electric scooter that has to travel great distances through the city, and have high speed, then this is not the model for you.

2. The Speed

How Fast Can the Razor E300 Go?

The maximum speed that Razor E300 can reach is 15 mph (24 km/h). This is certainly not the fastest electric scooter on the market, but the speed that this model can achieve is quite fast, especially when it comes to teenagers. If you are encountering scooters for the first time, then the speed of E300 is more than satisfactory. For new riders, it takes a while to get used to that speed and gain control. Scooters that have a slightly higher speed than this model are: Swagtron City Commuter that can reach speed up to 18 mph, GoTrax Glider with 16 mph and Xiaomi M365 16 mph. One big advantage with this model is that at a speed of 15 mph (24 km/h), the motor is extremely quiet so you won’t have any problems with the neighbors complaining about the noise.


3. Scooter Milage

How Many Miles Can the E300 Cover?

The maximum range that Razor E300 can cross is around 9 to 10 miles (14.5 to 16 km). If we were to convert that range into time, that would be around 45 minutes of riding time at medium speed. Therefore, if you are buying E300 electrical structure for your teenager, he can definitely use it on the way to go to school or around the neighborhood. The conclusion would be that this scooter has a pretty good range for its class.

4. Scooter Design

Does the Razor E300 Look Good?

When we talk about design, we have to say that it depends more on the taste of each individual person. The Razor E300 has its own unique design that is recognizable. This model comes in different colors such as blue, red, and gray, which is a very attractive color, especially for teenagers. When it comes to adults, they might be looking for something a bit different. Models that may interest them are the Xiaomi M365 or GoTrax GXL2. Therefore, I would say that the Razor E300 is a scooter that is more designed for teenagers rather than for adults.

5. Charging Time

How Long Does it Take to Charge Razor E300?

The Razor E300 electric scooter comes with a 24-volt SLA battery. The charge time for Razor E300 electric scooter is around 10-12 hours. This is one of the major drawbacks when it comes to the E300 model. Battery at full charge can give you around 45 minutes of ride. Most electric scooters have an average charging time of about 8 hours. So if you opt for the Razor E300, expect the riding time for only 45 minutes a day.

6. The Weight

How Much Does Razor E300 Weigh and How Much Can It Support?

The Razor E300 weigh 42 lbs (19 kg). This is certainly not one of the lighter electric scooters available on the market today, but as we said at the beginning, this model is intended for leisurely activities such as going to school, going to the store or ride around the neighborhood. If you are thinking of buying this scooter to go to work, it will be a problem, because this scooter is quite heavy. The good thing about the E300 is that it can support riders up to 220 lbs (100 kg). One of the scooters that can withstand 320 lbs is the Swagtron City Commuter.

7. Features and Durability

What Features Does Razor E300 Have?

When it comes to the features and durability of the Razor E300, we can say that this model has almost everything you need. All Razor models come with the same features, and the only thing that distinguishes them is the speed, weight, and mileage. This scooter is made of quality steel and it’s built to last. The Razor models are known for being able to last many years and retain the same quality as the first day you bought it. So let’s get the overview of all Razor E300 features:

  • Good wide 10-inch tires
  • Quality brake
  • Kickstand option so you can leave your scooter
  • Good driving stability
  • Pretty quiet motor

8. The Portability

Is It Easy to Fold and Carry?

One of the main disadvantages of the Razor E300 is that this scooter isn’t foldable. You can’t fold the Razor! The only thing you can do is disassemble the handlebars to make it easier for you to carry it. However, this is not applicable, because every time you want to remove and put the handlebars back on, it will take you a few minutes to do it.

Even when it comes to young and strong people who train regularly at the gym, 42 lbs (19kg) can be a problem. So before you decide on this model, ask yourself how often should you need to carry this scooter in your daily needs? If not very often, then this will not be a problem and this could be a good scooter for you.

9. Safety

Is Razor E300 Safe Electric Scooter?

When it comes to safety, the Razor E300 model can be considered a fairly safe scooter to ride. What makes this model safe is its quality brakes located on the handlebars which provide easy access if you want to stop or slow down. Other features that make the E300 model safe are the quality wheels that hold up well on the road while driving. Also, a great thing is that when braking, the engine shuts off, which is a pretty good thing.

10. Terrain

Which Terrain is Best Suited to Ride the Razor E200?

The Razor E300 is a scooter that is best suited to ride on the roads. But regardless, this model can also move on grassy surfaces and is pretty good for it. Although this scooter has a range of 10 miles, it is quite clear that when you move on uneven surfaces that distance will decrease due to motor stress. This scooter is primarily intended for teenagers and kids, so you can expect that they will from time to time ride E300 on uneven surfaces. Keep in mind that you do not exhaust the battery of your Razor E300 until the end of each ride, but to leave some battery charge before the next charging. This will increase the battery life.

11. Price / Value For Money

How Much Does the Razor E300 Cost and Is It Worth it?

The price of the Razor E300 is around $279.99. Razor is definitely one of the cheaper electric models on the market and at the same time provides quality features. So I think you will definitely get real value for your money for the E300 model. This scooter is made of high-quality material and will last for many years. The only extra price you will have to pay with this and every other electric scooter is the price of electricity it needs to drive. Razor is a brand that can be trusted and you will certainly not go wrong if you choose this model.

12. Assembly

Does the Razor E300 Require Assembly?

The Razor E300 requires assembly! But, it takes only 10 minutes to assembly this model. You do not need any prior knowledge to assemble this electric scooter. Parts that need to be assembled are the handlebars that are set above the front wheel. All you need to tighten the clamp are Allen wrench.

13. Razor Overview

Is Razor the good Company to Trust?

The Razor is a world-famous manufacturer of electric scooters that has been on the market for many years, more precisely since 2000. The Razor company has won multiple awards for creating scooters that are suitable for kids and adults. So you can definitely trust this brand! Razor scooters are made of high-quality materials and come at very affordable prices for all ages.

14. The Best Choice

What Other Scooters Should You Consider?

What would be the best alternatives for the Razor E300 model? In my opinion, the GoTrax GXL 2 and City Commuter are the two closest scooters that can be compared to the E300 model in terms of price and characteristics. So here is a detailed comparison of all 3 models and see what the difference is:

Specs:Razor E300GoTrax GXL2City Commuter
Max Speed:15 mph15.5 mph18 mph
Max Range:9-10 miles12 miles11 miles
Weight:42 lbs31 lbs26 lbs
Supports:Supports 220 lbsSupports 220 lbsSupports 320 lbs
Price:Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

15. Review Of The Razor E300

How to Rate the Razor E300 Overall?

The Razor E300 is certainly not the most advanced electric scooter on the market today, but it meets a lot of criteria that a great scooter should have, and It’s fun to ride. Therefore, the E300 is a great scooter for teenagers and adults, and it is affordable, reliable and provides a lot of fun riding it. The only disadvantage of this electric scooter is its weight, which makes it difficult to carry. This scooter can’t be folded. If you need a scooter for work, this is not the best choice for you. But if you are looking for a scooter to go to the shop or at the neighborhood, this is a perfect choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Razor E200

How Can I Make my Razor e300 faster?

What’s The Difference Between the Razor E300 and E300s?

The only difference between E300 and E300s models is the seat! The Razor E300 is a standing electric scooter, while the Razor E300s is a seated electric scooter. In terms of dimensions, engine power, battery, and other specifications, there is no difference. With the E300s you can choose whether you want the seat or no because it has the option to remove it.

Where Can You Store Razor E300?

When you find yourself in a situation where you need to lock your Razor E300, you will find yourself in trouble, because it is quite inconvenient to lock it. But also, some knowledge is required to store a scooter. The scooter should not be left in humid and cold places, as this will drastically affect the battery life. It is also very important how the battery should be handled so that it does not lose capacity, because you will have to replace it completely.

Does the Razor E300 Come With a Warranty?

The Razor E300 comes with a warranty that lasts 90 days. Most scooters give a warranty of up to 2 years, but with the Razor it is 3 months.

Can I purchase Replacement Parts?

Yes, you can very easily find replacement parts for the Razor E300 model. The parts can be replaced quite easily. Razor is a very well-known brand and parts for its scooters can be easily found in many stores.

How Long Should I Charge My Razor E300?

The charge time that is recommended for Razor E300 electric scooter is about 10-12 hours. When the charger light turns green, the charge is fully complete. When you charge the Razor E300 for the first time you must leave it at least 18 hours on the charger, and up to 12 hours for each new charge.

Can the Razor e300 go up Hills?

The Razor E300 can go up hills. Razor has a pretty strong 250W motor that gives it the power to go up hills. Of course, the less weight a scooter has to carry (the driver), the more power the motor has it to go uphill. Check the maximum weight capacity that the Razor E300 can carry before you try it.

What is the difference between the Razor e200 and e300?

The difference between the Razor e200 and e300 model is in the range, speed, and weight of the scooter. Razor E200 has a full-size frame and deck that is constructed from steel and it’s suitable for kids, while the E300 model comes with a super-sized frame and deck.

Razor E300: No Lights, No Lock Problem

Although this electric scooter does not have LEDs in the front and rear, you can buy them separately on the internet or at the nearest shop and place them on it additionally. So you will be able to safely ride at night on your E300 model. When it comes to parking, the E300 has a big problem with that, because it is difficult to lock. This model lacks any sort of hole or link through which you can lock it up.

Downsides To The Razor E300

Like any other electric scooter, the Razor E300 has some downsides also. One of the major downsides of this model is that it doesn’t have the LED display, so you can’t tell at which speed you are moving and how much battery charge is left. There are also no indicators on the side of the wheels also. Another disadvantage of this scooter is that it has no built-in lights, so you can ride it purely in the daytime. This scooter is quite heavy, inconvenient to carry, and is only used for riding.

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