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If your electric scooter has a flat and puncutre tire, don’t be afraid. Did you know that fixing and changing a tire on electric scooter ain’t that hard as you may think? You never know when you will come across the nail or other sharp object on the road. Like cars, motorcycles, and bicycles, electric scooter tires are sensitive to sharp objects and can puncture very easily. Therefore, it is important to know how to act properly when this happens to you. What to do if the tire on your electric scooter puncture? In this article we will teach you how to fix and repair the tire on every electric scooter. So let’s start!

So How To Fix and Protect Puncture Tire on Electric Scooter? The best way to fix and prevent flats on electric scooter is to use Slime. With slime you can very fast and easily repair any flat tire on every electric scooter. The way Slime works is that you need to pour it into the rubber and when a puncture occurs the Slime sealant seals the puncture.

How to Fix Electric Scooter Flats With Slime?

  1. First step is to buy the Slime product
  2. Remove the valve core and the cap from your tire
  3. Allow tires to fully deflate and attach the squeeze in the Slime (118 mL of Slime/tire)
  4. Reinstall valve core and add air in tires.
  5. Spin the tires on your electric scooter to distribute sealant

How To Prevent Flats on Electric Scooter With Slime?

The best way to prevent flats on your tires is to use tire slime. It’s an inexpensive and good quality mixture of glue, and synthetic fibers that you need to inject into an electric scooter tire to prevent flats. When you ride your electric scooter, the slime inside the tires spin around and protect your flats. The way it protects your flats is that if a sharp object punctures your tire, the slime inside your tire will clog those holes so that air would not come out of them. The way tire slime works are that when it comes in contact with outside air, the process of polymerization will occur and the slime will cure and seal the hole.

Therefore, this method is very effective and has proven to be one of the best and safest when it comes to electric scooters. I have personally tried this method and it really works. Keep in mind that when it comes to large tires (up to a quarter-inch), tire slime will not repair them, this only applies to small holes.

How to Repair Wheels & Fix Puncutre on Electric Scooter?

The wheel on your electric scooter has punctured? There is no need to call a master who will charge you for this repair, because this is a very simple procedure that you can do yourself in a few simple steps. Here we will show you a couple of ways how you can replace and change the wheel (tire) on your electric scooter very easily. So let’s learn how to fix punctured tire on electric scooter.

The 5 Different Methods how You Can Repair Wheel And Fix Puncutre on your electric Scooter:

1 Method: Changing tireHow To Change the Tire And Fix Puncture on Electric Scooter
2 Method: Changing tireHow To Change The Tire on Solid Tire Wheel
3 Method: Changing wheelHow To Install a New Wheel On Your Electric Scooter
4 Method: Repairing tireHow to Repair Puncture Tire On Electric Scooter
5 Method: Prevent a PunctureHow to Prevent a Puncture on Your Electric Scooter

#1 Method: How To Change the Tire And Fix Puncture on Electric Scooter

This is a very simple process that will be done in no time and you can save money. This is another new skill you will learn.

#2 Method: How To Change The Tire on Solid Tire Wheel

You need to watch out for your rim when you change tires on your electric scooter. This is also a very simple process to do.

#3 Method: How To Install a New Wheel On Your Electric Scooter

This method is a bit more complicated than the previous ones, but you can master it very quickly. To learn how to install a new wheel on an electric scooter watch this step-by-step tutorial.

#4 Method: How to Repair Puncture Tire On Electric Scooter

In this video you will learn how to fully and easily repair your punctured tire on an electric scooter. Many people have problems with this, but after you see this step-by-step guide video, you will do it easily. The tools you need for this method are the following:

  1. KIT For Tire repair (patches, glue, plastic levers)
  2. Pump (pay attention to the pressure required for your tire)
  3. Hex Key (Allen Wrenches)

You can find a small bag where you can put this equipment. If you do not have such a bag, you have a large selection of models on Amazon. Check it out HERE. It is better to always have such things at hand, so if you have a problem, you can solve it immediately.

#5 Method: How to Prevent a Puncture on Your Electric Scooter

This method is my favorite! Why fix, when you can prevent? The best way to prevent a puncture or slow it down is to use Slime. Slime Tube Sealant is the product that works and is used by a large number of people. We have already described it in this article how it works. You can also look at how it is used in this video and get a better insight. Buy Slime HERE.

The Most Common Causes of Flat Tires On Electric Scooter

While driving, it is often the case that a sharp object can be found on the road that could potentially damage your electric scooter tire (as well as moped tire) and thus puncture it. We can say with certainty that electric scooter’s most common repair is connected to repair tire flats. The best way you can fix flat tires is to use slime (sealant), whether you have an inner tube or tubeless tires. If you have tubeless tires, you will need to get tire slime that is specially designed for tubeless tires. They are very cheap, and you can easily squeeze them into tires. All types of electric scooters have the same procedure for tire slime.

The Pros And Cons Of Electric Scooter Tires

You need to know that pneumatic tires have more advantages when we compare them with solid tires, but the cons are that they need more extra care if you want to prevent flats. With the use of slime you can easily prevent flat tires with very little investment in no time. The use of slime we already explaind in this article. Not all electric scooters have pneumatic tires, so you need to pay attention to that as well.

Most Common Q&A About Fixing An Electric Scooter

Can you use fix a flat on a electric scooter tire?

If you want to fix a flat on your electric scooter tire, it’s only going to work on the tires that are rubber. If you try to repair it on the tube tire or the tire that has a major cut, it’s not going to work.

How do you fix a scooter wheel?

There are 3 easy steps how you can fix electric scooter wheels:

  1. You need to loosen the old wheel. Use an allen wrench on both sides of your wheel and counter-clockwise them.
  2. Use the new wheel and replace it.
  3. Tight the new wheel on your electric scooter.

How do You Change Rear Wheel on a Electric Scooter?

The rear wheel is always a little more difficult to remove than the front wheel, due to the transmission. With the motor mounted on its center stand, disconnect the brake rod without losing the spring, remove the pin from the wheel axle and unscrew the castle nut with a flat wrench (usually 19 or 22 mm). 


When you get a flat tire on an electric scooter, it can be really frustrating and worrying at first glance. But there are ways you can protect yourself from this, as we described in this article. Sometimes such things can be avoided by using certain methods. So when your tire on electric scooter lets you down, you need to fix it and act fast. I hope that the methods we have described in this article helped you save time and money and that you learn some new skill. Problems with flat tires are not as often as on classic bikes, but they can happen. We hope this article has helped you, and if you have any questions feel free to ask them below.

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