How Much Do Electric Scooters Cost?

How Much Do Electric Scooters Cost

An electric scooter is a silent, environmentally friendly mode of transport. He does not need to refuel with gas and change oil, which saves quite a few costs to the owner. Folding models can be transported in the trunk of a car. Electric scooters with a maximum speed of up to 50 km/h and a power of up to 4 kW are legally classified as mopeds (electric mopeds) and do not require the installation of state numbers. You do not need a license to ride an electric scooter.

So How Much Do Electric Scooters Cost? The price of electric scooter varies in range of $100 from the cheapest models to as low as $3000 and up for the best models. What determines the price of an electric scooter usually depends on the battery power, motor power, frame, software and brakes.

Factors that mostly depend on the price of an electric scooter:Price [%]:
1. Battery30% of price
2. Motor30% of price
3. Frame20% of price
4. Electronics and Software​20% of price

Things That Reflect The Price of An Electric Scooter?

1. Battery

This is one of the main features that affects the price of an electric scooter, and they say that the battery is approximately 30% of the price of the entire scooter. It is the battery that drives the scooter, allows it to reach high speeds and determines its range. The stronger the battery, the higher the price of the scooter. Batteries on premium electric scooters have longer battery life, shorter charge times and are easier. Therefore, when choosing an electric scooter, look for the power of the battery, as it is the most important part of any scooter and how will impact your ride.

2. Motor

The motor is also an important factor when it comes to electric scooters. Strong and powerful engines allow the scooter to move on rough terrain and even uphill. Motor power also depends on the speed that an electric scooter can achieve, which is also an important item for many users. We can also say that the price of an electric scooter depends the same significantly on the motor, and is about 20-30% of the price of the whole scooter. Brushless motors are most commonly used on scooters and are quite quiet when driving. The average motor power for avarage e-scooters is around 250W.

3. Frame

This is also one of the more important factors that determine the price of an electric scooter, which is the material of which it is composed. Premium models are most commonly made of high quality and lightweight materials such as aluminum. One reason is that this will give you the ability to carry it with you evem when you are not using it. When it comes to cheaper electric scooters, they also tend to be made of plastic components, and their lifespan is questionable. Therefore, we can say that one part of the price also depends on the material of which it is made. It is up to you now to decide how much money you are willing to spend on your electric scooter.

4. Electronics and Software

With newer models, you will notice that they have the ability to connect smartphones to the scooter settings via the app. This enables you to turn on the lights, monitor the battery status, the routes you have traveled, and adjust the speed. In this way, the user of the electric scooter through the software has the ability to adjust his requirements. Of course you will not find such software with cheap scooters, but rather with expensive ones. Therefore this is one part that goes extra with the price. When it comes to scooter electronics, here you have: lighting system, smart functions like turning on or off the scooter, regenerative braking, etc.

Base Your Budget on Your Requirements

Take An Electric Scooter On A Train

When it comes to buying an electric scooter, you need to know roughly how much money you are willing to set aside for it, which usually depends on how often you will use your electric scooter. If you will use your electric scooter for short distances such as a shop or going to the gym, you won’t need a big budget, as you can find plenty of cheap models that can go that distance at very affordable prices.

However, if you need an electric scooter for a little longer distances such as going to work and city driving, you will need a scooter with increased battery power, quality brakes and a strong motor. If this is a solution, you will have to spend more money there, but it will certainly pay off in the long run. Also, if you want more speed and shock absorbers, which will ease your ride on rough terrain, this is also the part that goes into the price and you have to be prepared to pay. So think about how often and where you will be using your electric scooter for before you buy it and decide on those criteria.

How To Determine Value Of An Electric Scooter

Each model of electric scooter is made differently, with different specifications, weight, battery size, motor power, etc. How much money are you willing to give is what you will get. Today you can find a wide range of electric scooters where each offers a wide range of options.

Here are the main things to consider when buying an electric scooter:

  • Your weight (will the electric scooter support your weight?)

  • How often will you use an electric scooter?

  • Will you only drive on a straight road or will you have elevations while driving?

  • Will you only use an electric scooter or more people?

  • Is the battery charging time appropriate?

  • Are laws where you live set and do they fit you?

  • Do you have headlight and disc brakes?

  • Is it lightweight so you can carry it?

  • Do you enjoy riding that scooter?

So when choosing your electric scooter, think about these parameters and see if they match or exceed the money you are willing to give.

Electric Scooter: What Costs Can I Expect?

The e-scooter epidemic is on the horizon in US and the Europe. The first retailers are already selling the electric scooters for less than $500 (460€). The trend is raising.  But what about the additional costs? When buying an electric scooter, you should inquire about the following costs :

1. Insurance

Helmets are not compulsory for e-scooters, but compulsory insurance. The major insurance players divide e-scooter protection into two areas: first liability and partial comprehensive insurance. The combined policy is worthwhile for all-round protection. However, there is a limitation. If the e-scooter is stolen, for example, the insurance does not cover the entire damage. The insurance of electric scooters usually depends on the insurance company, but the average price is about $ 150/year.

2. Electricity Costs

In addition to insurance, you should also expect electricity costs. On average, electric scooters use 4 kWh of electricity per 100 km. So the electricity costs are about 80 cents per 100km. Of course, this price varies from country to country, because the price of electricity is different. For example, if a battery costs $220 and the battery can be charged 500 times (500 cycles), then one cycle costs 40 cents. If you have a range of 50km with this battery. Then they are Cost of the battery 80 cents per 100km. In this example, the running costs would be $1.8 per 100 kilometers. 

3. Maintenance And Repair

The costs of maintenance and repair are of course difficult to predict.  You should also plan to replace the battery over time. In Europe, repair services charge between $130 to $160 (120 and 300 euros) for battery replacement. New roles in turn cost between $75 and $150 – depending on the model. Therefore, the repair services are very high in demand to electric scooters. The offer is obviously worth it. In states like France, Austria or Spain, repairs usually cost more than a scooter. So check out how much your repair costs in your country.

What Is The Average Cost Of An Electric Scooter?

The electric scooter costs are made up of several things. The costs can be seen in the purchase costs of the electric scooter , running costs for operation and costs for maintenance and repair of the electric scooter . The cost of an average electric scooter is between $400 and $1000. You can also get a good electric scooter with a lot of features for around $1500. In general, the more you will use your scooter, the more money you need to spend when buying a one.

Cost Of Buying Vs Hiring An Electric Scooter?

The Pros & Cons of electric scooters. An increasing e-scooter boom is establishing itself particularly through rental providers such as Lime, Voi, Bird or Tier. Abroad, the following applies: anyone who has ever ridden an e-scooter wants to use the service again and again. In Paris alone there are already over 15,000 rental e-scooters today. By the end of 2020 there will be over 40,000. The providers like Lime, Bird or Tier do not have a fixed tariff. So their prices vary depending on the city you are in, and the week or time of day. Billing takes place every minute. Almost all providers charge $1.1 (1 Euro) per trip for use.

The price per minute is between 15 and 20 cents. So if you are traveling for an hour, you pay $9.75 (9 Euros) in the best case and $14 (13 Euros) in the most expensive case.

4 Types Of Electric Scooters That Determines The Price

1. Electric Scooters For Adults

Folding electric scooters for adults  is a very light and compact form of transport. They are designed for short trips around the city and walks. An electric motor is installed in a 5, 6 or 8-inch wheel, which allows you to move at a speed of 20 to 40 km/h, and also to go uphill effortlessly. Management is carried out using the throttle stick. Scooter can easily be transported in the trunk of a car and public transport. Adult models are equipped with modern lithium-ion batteries that allow you to travel from 20 to 60 km. Charged from a conventional wall outlet. The average price of these electric scooters is about $400.

2. Electric Scooters With Seat

The electric scooter with a seat is designed for comfortable trips around the city – when folded, it can be transported in the trunk of a car! On electric scooters with a removable seat, you can ride both sitting and standing. The electric motor allows you to move at speeds up to 45 km/h. Management is carried out using the throttle stick. They are charged from a conventional outlet. The battery installed in the case allows you to travel from 30 to 50 km. The average price of these electric scooters is about $500.

5 advantages of electric scooters with a seat:

  1. High speed
  2. Driving pleasure
  3. Driving uphill on an electric motor
  4. The possibility of transportation in transport and car
  5. Movement in the pedestrian zone and indoors

3. Three Wheel Electric Scooters

Three-wheeled scooters or electric scooters are a separate class of equipment with increased stability. It is relevant for people who are afraid or for some other reason cannot control a two-wheeled scooter. As a rule, they don’t have the ability to ride, pushing away with their foot. Movement is carried out only due to the electric motor. Almost all models have a seat available. The speed is usually limited to 25-30 km/h, but there may be exceptions. Mileage depends on the battery capacity of a particular model. The average price of these electric scooters is about $600.

4. Children’s Electric Scooters

Electric scooter for children  – a great gift! It is designed for riding and walking. An electric motor is installed on a children’s ( teenage) electric scooter, which allows you to move at a safe speed of up to 15 km/h – no more than running speed. Electric scooter control is carried out using the throttle stick. An electric scooter can easily be transported in the trunk of a car and public transport – all models fold! They are charged from a conventional outlet. The battery installed in the scooter case allows you to drive 10-15 km. The average price of these electric scooters is about $150.

 5 advantages of electric scooters for children and adolescents:

  1. Driving pleasure
  2. Easy to learn
  3. Compact and light weight
  4. Driving uphill on an electric motor
  5. Movement in the pedestrian zone and indoors

Benefits of Electric Scooter Ride

Electric scooters for adults are in many ways similar to a conventional scooter. The difference is that while driving on electric traction, you do not need to push off. This allows you to move at a higher speed, easily overcoming long distances and ascents. Some models are equipped with a motion sensor and turn on only after you pushed off and gained a minimum speed. 

  • The electric scooter is controlled by a gas handle ( throttle), which supplies power to the motor wheel. You can smoothly control traction by adjusting your speed. With a certain skill, you can maneuver even in a dense human stream. 
  • Where to go: The electric scooter is designed for driving off-road. Rights and registration are not necessary for him. When driving along sidewalks, respect pedestrians – you have equal rights with them!
  • The speed of a number of electric scooter models can reach 35-50 km/h! Be careful and always think about traffic safety! When approaching an intersection with highways, exit from the yard or a dense stream of people, be sure to slow down! Remember that the braking of the electric scooter does not occur instantly!
  • Riding together. With a certain skill and a condition for observing the requirements for maximum load, you can ride on an electric scooter together. Please note: driving together is possible at low speeds with a total weight not exceeding the technical limitations of your electric scooter model. Remember that when driving with a heavy load, the braking distance increases, and the mileage of the scooter on a charge will be lower than the declared average value.


Electric scooters are rapidly gaining popularity not only among children, but also among adults! Many models of electric scooters are capable of developing decent speed. In this article we also saw that the price of electric scooters depends on several factors such as brand, battery and engine power. At the moment, electric scooters do not require a driver’s license or license plate. Due to its compactness, the electric scooter is perfect as a means of transportation around the city. Most of the models are easy to transport in the subway and other public transport, as well as in the trunk of a car. Electric scooters with large wheels can be easily operated by the countryside.

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