Does Riding an Electric Skateboard Burn Calories?

Does Riding an Electric Skateboard Burn Calories

Electric skateboard allow you to move smoothly and quickly thanks to the presence of brushless motors and a lithium battery that is placed under the deck of the board. The electric skateboard is very easy to learn to ride and balance. Usually, it takes five minutes to get a handle on the electric skateboard and understand its adaptive operation. A lot of people are looking for ways how to avoid walking or some other activity and are looking for alternative solutions to transport. But can you really burn calories and lose weight by riding an electric skateboard? Let’s find out!

So Does Riding an Electric Skateboard Burn Calories? Riding an electric skateboard can burn out up to 100 calories per hour. While you are standing on your board you are using your legs and feet for balance and your brain to think and avoid obstacles. Therefore, your body should burn around 50 to 100 calories an hour for standing on a balance board.

Calorie consumption per 30 minutes of activity:

Activity:Calories per 30 minutes:
Walking90-200 kcal
Cycling450-750 kcal
Electric Bike220 kcal
Electric Scooter200 kcal
Electric Skateboard50-100 kcal

A lot of people in the world today have problems with being overweight and that’s a big problem. Therefore, more and more people are trying to find the simplest possible way to get from point A to point B with as little effort as possible. With the advent of electric vehicles, this is exactly what happened. So people are looking for new ways to lose weight, and one of them is electric skateboarding. Did you know that Electric Scooters also burn calories?

Can You Lose Weight With An Electric Skateboard?

When you ride an electric skateboard, your body is using energy from your legs and feet to balance. Therefore when riding an electric skateboard you can burn up to 100 calories an hour just from standing on your board.

As your legs strain to maintain balance on the skateboard, so does your brain use energy to concentrate. During long rides, your feet and ankles get tired, along with your muscles, which is clearly visible, and therefore they consume a lot of energy to maintain stability. Therefore combining your legs with thinking will help you burn some calories. But it is such a small consumption that it will not bring you any visible results even in the long run.

How Many Calories Does the Brain Burn While You Are Riding?

The human brain, even in a state of relative rest and sleep, consumes an unusually large amount of energy – 16 times more than muscle tissue (per unit mass). At the same time, one of the most energy-consuming operations is the concentration of attention. So while riding an electric skateboard you use your brain for orientation, balance, and to notice the obstacles around you. The harder the task, the more energy your brain needs, so you burn more calories. If you are relaxed while you are riding, you won’t burn a lot of calories. The average e-skate ride would burn about 50 calories using the brain.

A person is not able to keep attention at a consistently high level for more than 20-25 minutes, because during this time the brain will “eat” as much glucose as it would not have eaten in a day of relative rest. In the course of a day, our gray matter uses about 320 calories just for thinking.

Electric Skateboard vs Skateboard- Difference

When riding an electric skateboard, you will burn significantly fewer calories than is the case with a regular skateboard. Considering that the electric motor does all the work for you, you’re not doing much besides controlling the speed and the way you want to go. We can’t call it exercise. But if we think a little better, we can find a couple of ways you can burn calories while you ride. When you ride an electric skateboard you need to think.

When you ride e-skateboard you need to:

  • Watch and avoid obstacles
  • Be careful and avoid vehicles
  • Maintain balance while driving
  • Take care of others and yourself

Does Weight Make a Difference on Electric Skateboard?

Weight certainly plays a big role in electric skateboards. People who weigh more significantly affect the performance of that same skateboard. Therefore, the range, speed, braking and other performance will be significantly felt when riding on it by a person who is heavier. When choosing an electric skateboard, look at what is the maximum weight limit for the listed model so you can choose the best skate for you.

Riding an Electric Skate Once a Day Is Good For Your Health

If you buy a smart watch or a bracelet that measures calorie consumption, you will notice that riding an electric skateboard can be very beneficial for your health and heart. You can measure the energy and physical activity regulary for a specific period of time. Through this information you will get an accurate insight into how many calories you burned while you were riding on an electric skateboard.

Factors that depend on how many calories you will burn are weight, height, and the time you will spend on the skateboard. You will also gain flexibility and balance on an electric skateboard, which is a useful skill.

Electric Skateboarding Strengthens Muscles

Performing various tricks on a regular skateboard requires a certain level of fitness, which is achieved as you exercise more and more. Basically, of course, you strengthen your calves and thighs. But the main muscles of the torso, glutes and hamstrings are also loaded. Electric skateboard is is no exception. When using an electric skateboard, it is necessary to use the legs as intensively to maintain balance as with a regular skateboard, except that you do not perform tricks.

Some American psychologists even prescribe riding a skateboard as part of therapy for increased excitability and strong feelings. In part, long has such an effect, because it allows you to free your mind from unnecessary thoughts, and performing tricks increases self-confidence, self-esteem, and, as a result, mood. Skateboard requires good balance, a sense of coordination, and the ability to control your body. You also need to be flexible and mobile.

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