Does Riding An Electric Scooter Burn Calories?

Electric bikes have already taken over the present day market, but electric scooters have also emerged. For people who do not have time to go to the gym or simply do not have work habits to do some sport, they ask themselves: Can you burn some calories by using an electric scooter? So I decided to find out does riding an electric scooter burn calories.

So Does Riding An Electric Scooter Burn Calories? Riding an electric scooter does not burn calories if you ride it in normal mode, but if you use your “push off leg” to run scooter, you will consume a noticeable number of calories. It is estimated that riding an scooter burns up to 200 kcal on average for a 30 minute ride.

Now that we have the answer to how we can burn some calories on scooter, now we also need to learn how to drive it properly and avoid potential injuries. There are also techniques that can help you save energy while riding. I think it’s hard to argue with benefits to commuters who want to save some money and arrive to work not dripping in sweat. But if you want to burn some calories by the way, you can, and don’t think riding a scooter is easy. Electric skateboards also burn calories, keep that in mind.

How Much Calories You Need To Burn Per Day To Lose Weight?

Have you ever wondered how much calories you actually need to burn to lose weight?  What you have heard many times is that you have to eat less and move more if you want to lose weight. Scientists claim that each type of activity improves the efficiency of the heart, blood vessels, lungs and other organs in the body. So if you are one of those people who just doesn’t get to exercise, try using the e-scooter the old-fashioned way, with your legs. You may not arrive as quickly at your destination, but you will certainly burn an enviable amount of calories as you arrive, thereby affecting your health, which is ultimately the most important.

I don’t know if you knew, but 3,500 calories equals 1 pound (0.45 kg) of fat. So if you are thinking of losing 1 pound of fat, this is the minimum you need to spend in any physical activity. Therefore, if you decide to drive yourself with e-scooter daily by using your legs, you will lose about 500 kcal per day, which equals 1 pound of fat a week. But you must take the food factor into your schedule, try to reduce it and you will surely see results.

Burn Up to 200 kcal Per Ride By Kick Scooter

Did you know that riding an kick scooter by using your “push off leg” burns almost 200 calories in half an hour, which is more than walking? Scooters can be the most effective way to burn calories without ever wasting time as you would for a gym or other workout. The average speed at which you should be moving can be around 10km/h, which will give you pretty good results in terms of calorie burn. Anything more than that is an extra Bonus! Believe me, after a while you will get a lot of motivation to do it more and more often.

Do not be surprised to discover some new muscles as you ride your scooter. When riding an electric scooter, you will use your leg muscles; front quadriceps and back hamstring with lateral leg as if you were engaging in some physical activity at that moment. These exercises will strengthen your knees and joints, which is very important. Of course, do not forget to change your leg from time to time to develop the same muscles on both legs.

Activity:Calories per 30 minutes:
Walking 90-200 kcal
Cycling450-750 kcal
Running350 kcal
Electric Bike220 kcal
Scooter200 kcal

Is Too Much Use Of Scooter Bad For Knees?

Everything that is done in large amounts of repetition is not healthy, no matter what it is, so this rule applies here as well. Electric bikes are also used very often. Try to be moderate, that is, when you feel any pain in your knee or some part of your body, do not risk it, but stop. If you are using your scooter for a ride, be sure to change your legs from time to time. Also, to protect yourself, use a helmet and knee protectors while riding. In major cities such as New York, very serious accidents for electric scooter drivers have begun. Although electric scooters are treated as pedestrians in some countries, they reach really high speeds where it can very easily lead to serious injuries.


We can briefly say that if you need to burn excess calories on your electric scooter, the only way you can do it is to use it by riding and push yourself with your foot. Remember that we mentioned that 30 minutes of using a scooter consumes up to 200 kcal, which is not very negligible. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not an athlete after applying these kinds of exercises in everyday life. At the same time, you will achieve excellent calorie loss without wasting time going to the gym, swimming or similar activities. Can you do better than that? If I left something out or have a question feel free to leave a comment.

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