Can Electric Scooters Go Uphill?

We all know roughly what a hill means, but when it comes to electric scooters, what slope is realistic to expect, and can scooters climb the hills at all? I have spent many hours researching this topic and I will try to give you a detailed and clear answer to this question.

So Can Electric Scooters Go Uphill? Yes, but it depends on the climb angle, the weight of the driver, motor of that electric scooter and the tiers. Not all electric scooters are built for uphill climbs, so you should consider these factors when choosing an electric scooter who has the ability to go uphill.

However, as we said not all electric scooters are capable of handling this type of obstacles, and there are very few electric scooters that can handle very steep slopes. But for those people who live out of town and have very steep hills on the road, they will find it a problem that their electric scooter may not be able to climb it. Electric scooters are primarily designed for city driving and not steep areas.

Electric Scooters Vs Hills

We have to know that some hills are too challenging even for the best electric scooters. People have encountered these problems before when they were biking, so when they came up on a steep incline, they got off the bike and dragged him along, and the same principle applies to electric scooters. So if your electric scooter does not have enough power to lift you up the hill, do not panic but get off it, and push it to good old custom like you do with bikes. However, if you decide to go uphill with an electric scooter, keep in mind that they will move more slowly and will be under load, which is bad for an electric scooter.

Features That Electric Scooter Must Have for Uphill

A large number of potential electric scooter drivers will ask themselves this question when choosing their electric scooter. When you go to work or when you need to get to town something quick to do, you will do that with your electric scooter. But not all of us live on a flat surface, moreover many people find themselves in obstacles such as elevations or small hills. It should therefore be seen whether it is prudent for such persons to purchase an electric scooter if they do not have the capability to go uphill. So let’s see what the main factors are:

1. Climb Angle

This is certainly the most challenging factor that depends on whether or not an electric scooter can climb an uphill climb, and it is climbing angles. For some electric scooters, a 20° climb angle is an impossible mission, while some electric scooters can easily climb to that slope. The secret to all this lies in the motor and power that electric scooter has.

The higher the slope, the exponentially more power you need. Therefore, when choosing a scooter, look at how much power the motor possesses and try to choose a scooter with with a strong enough motor. But there are also other factors that are important besides the motor itself, and now we will move on to them.

2. Weight Capacity

This is also one of the important factors, and depends greatly on whether an electric scooter can climb an uphill slope. Here the factor is played by the weight of the person that the scooter needs to carry, the lighter the person is, the less power the engine had to put. The weight that a scooter can tow is defined by the power of the engine.

Power is everything when it comes to an electrical scooters. Power determines is your scooter capable to go an uphill or uneven surface. Any electrical Scooter that has 500 Watts or less is unlikely to handle any non-flat substrate. So if you decide on an electric scooter that will be able to move around on grassy grounds or uphill surfances, my advice is to choose a scooter with at least 1000 Watts. The speed factor of the scooter also binds with power.

3. Battery and Motor

Most electric scooters are powered by rechargeable lithium batteries, very similar to those from your phone or laptop. They are of great advantage over alternatives such as those based on lead and acid, NiCd and NiMH. Lithium-Ion batteries are MUST have option when it comes to electric scooters and they can last much longer.

The key things to consider when choosing batteries are their capacity (which determines how long you will go for one charge), their life span (the number of charge cycles after which the battery must be replaced), and the charging time. The combination of a good battery and a perfect motor give the performance a scooter should possess. Therefore, if you want your electric scooter to go uphills, you need a very strong electric battery along with the motor.

4. Tires

Why the tire factor plays an important role in whether an electric scooter can go uphill? If the scooter has small tires, it creates a heavy load on the tires, which can break or make climbing more difficult than it should. The simplest electric scooters have small, full tires designed for flat terrain.

Wheel dimensions and tire height influence driving – larger wheels will give you better ground clearance, which will make it easier to ride on bumps and curbs. Tire type is also important, so if you plan on going on grass (off-road) with your scooter, choose the one with the right tires. Ordinary electric scooters that drive down a street have an approximate tire ratio of 8.5 ” which is fine for normal driving. But if you decide to ride on grass and off-road, the first thing you should consider is the tire diameter, which should be at least 11 ”.

5. Suspension

Of all the above features, this is the least important part when choosing an electric scooter that has the ability to go uphill. Suspensions will give you less wheel load and better ride balance. With suspension you will have much less load on the rear wheels, which is an important thing when it comes to driving.

Many users who have a suspension on their scooters say that driving is much more enjoyable in a rough ride than with other obstacles then those who do not have it. As we can witness the increasing demand for electric scooters on the market, more and more companies are incorporating a suspension system into their scooters, and you will find few who do not. Of course, you will come across some companies that make suspensions of quite cheap material that are unreliable, so try to find a reliable brand that you can trust when buying a scooter.

Top 3 Electric Scooters for Uphills

1. Qiewa Qmini

This electric scooter is very comfortable to ride due to its dual shock absorbers on the front and back. Also, this is a very powerful scooter with headlights and a horn. The main feature that people love about this scooter are rubber tires. People love to have confidence when they ride off-road. It have quality good drum (electronic) brake. The Qiewa Qmini comes with 3 modes and you can also charge your phone with this scooter because it has a USB port. Q Mini is a 500 Watt brushless motor with 16 Ah. It can reach the max speed of 30 mph, and it can pass the distance of 37 miles and weights only 50 lbs. This scooter have the foot placement, because when you are riding a scooter you want to have a proper balance. This is a very quality scooter for the low price.

2. Nanrobot D4

Nanrobot D4: These electric scooters just keep getting bigger and better, and this scooter is a beast. This scooter flies on both surfaces; on roads and offroads. What’s so incredible with this scooter is the power and suspension it has, and it feels like nothing’s can slow down this scooter. It has 2 motors, dual brakes and a massive battery pack to power it with 2 modes and you can select max speed mode. The full suspension system helps to smooth out bumps and jumps. There is also a eco mode which means if you don’t need crazy power and speed for off-roading, and you are looking for far distances, this scooter has that capability also. This electric scooter has 7 major things that makes him super: design, portability, speed, suspension, braking, power and battery. It has massive 10-inch tiers with wide off-roading tire tread and accompanied with this high-strength beefy frame lifting it up and out. Weight of the scooter is approximately 28 kg (60 lbs) and it can achieve a maximum speed of 34 mph (55km/h).

3. Dualtron Thunder

Dualtron Thunder: This electrical scooter is super comfortable to ride, but it’s very heavy and solid. It costs almost $4000 and it’s a high-performance scooter. This scooter has electric motors in both the front and rear wheel for a total of 36 hundred watts of power. On handlebars you have 2 sets of buttons that controls the motor speed. You can select and engage just the rear motor or the front (or both, the front and rear motors together). Dual disc brakes are set up like a motorcycle with the front brake on the right and the rear brake on the left. They are cable hydraulic calipers and they work effectively. In addition you have the ability to select regeneration breaking through the on-board computer which significantly adds to the braking ability. It has the charging pin for the dual tron range. It also have disc brakes, front and back LED lights. Breaks also have an ABS feature that can be turned on or off. You have 2 chargergin slots, so you can cut the charge time in half.


At the end, we can conclude that finding an electric scooter that is capable to climb high slope is not an easy task, because it all depends on the angle of inclination and the power of the engine which is needed to push it upwards. But we concluded that electric scooters are capable to climb slopes. So before you decide it to buy, think carefully how powerful an electric scooter you need at all, because the prices vary a lot when choosing. I hope at least I helped you a little with clarifying things related to this topic. If I left something out, or you would like to share your opinion, feel free to leave a comment below.

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