5 Best Electric Scooters For Food Delivery

Food delivery has been popular for years now. People use delivery services for many reasons. Often because they are busy and do not have time to cook but also because they might just want to stay in, eat yummy food and watch their favorite show. With the rising of the global pandemic and strict social distancing measures, people have been staying at home more than they would like. That stopped them from buying groceries regularly and going out to eat in restaurants. Thus, there has been an increased demand for food delivery services.

Therefore, if you are looking to earn some money, this industry is great to invest in. In the first few months, you could easily earn a few thousand dollars. Couriers deliver food on bikes, with cars, and, most recently, with e-scooters. Electric scooters are the absolute best option. They are fast, easy to use, and get through traffic easily making them more efficient and productive in their deliveries. If you choose to get into the food delivery business, you will need a good-quality electric scooter. 

We made a detailed analysis and went through over 100 different electric scooter models on the market, and we selected the 5 best e-scooters for this type of job. In this article, we’ll list our top 5 picks of electric scooters that are popular for food delivery.

The 5 Best Electric Scooters For Food Delivery:

Electric ScooterRangeMax SpeedAvailable
1. Dualtron Ultra75 miles (120 km)50 mph (80 kmh)Check Price
2. Nanrobot D6 +39 miles (63 km)40 mph (65 kmh)Check Price
3. Qiewa Q-Hummer 260 miles (100 km)46 mph (75 kmh)Check Price
4. Segway Ninebot Max28 miles (45 km)18 mph (28 km/h)Check Price
5. Swagger 512 miles (20 km)18 mph (28 kmh)Check Price

Why A More Expensive E-Scooter Is Better For Food Delivery

Here are two main reasons to buy a more expensive electric scooter if you plan on using it for food delivery:

  • Higher Mile Range – cheaper scooters have only a 10 to 15 mile (16 to 24 km) range which is not enough for this job. With that range the max distance you should ride for one delivery is two miles (3 km), so you can do at least 7 or 8 deliveries a day. Because of that, you will have to cancel many orders because they are too far for your scooters range, which would be taking money straight out of your pocket. A more costly scooters range is about 30 to 100 miles (48 to 160 km) per charge which would allow you to make your deliveries with no worry.
  • Good Speed – It is evident that you cannot race around the whole city, but there will be long straight road chunks where you could ride at higher speeds. In that situations it is good to have a e-scooter that can do that. If not, you will waste time riding at low speeds and taking longer to make your deliveries. Slower e scooters maximum speed is around 20 mp/h (32 km/h) while the more expensive one’s ride at 40 miles per hour (64 km/h).

If you want to know The Pros And Cons Of Electric Scooters, feel free to read this article.

5 Best Electric Scooters For Food Delivery

These scooters are our top 5 picks if you plan on taking the food delivery job seriously. They will meet all of the requirements for food delivery service and more. If you do not plan to commit that passionately or are on a budget, look into alternative options. But if you are willing to invest money that will pay off quickly, let’s start:

1) Dualtron Ultra – Perfect E-scooter For Delivery Jobs


  • Range: 75 miles (120 km)
  • Max Speed: 50 mph (80 kmh)
  • Weight: 81.4lb (37 kg)

The Dualtron Ultra is known for strong suspension, good quality and, long-lasting wheels. Additionally, it has an awesome range of around 75 miles (120 km) per charge, so you don’t have to worry about running out of batteries throughout the delivery day. It is powered by a dual hub motor of 5400 watts. That’s why its acceleration is amazing even going uphill.  With this electric scooter, you will be safe, fast, and efficient in delivering food. If you ask me, this is definitely the first choice that I would pick for this job.

2) Nanrobot D6+ – Awesome E-scooter For Food Delivery


  • Range: 39 miles (63 km)
  • Max Speed: 40 mph (65 kmh)
  • Weight: 79.4lb (35 kg)

The Nanrobot D6+ is our second pick. This model has a slightly weaker motor than the Dualtron Ultra. It comes with a dual electric motor that has 2000 watts (1000 watts each motor) put together. Regardless of that, this electric scooter can reach a speed of 40 miles per hour (65 km/h) easily. You can also choose a single, 1000 watt, or dual, 2000-watt, mode.

For cruising, the single motor mode is enough. But, when you want higher acceleration power when going uphill, for example, it is good to use the dual-mode. Additionally, this Nanrobot D6+ is awesome in buffing bumps and kicks along the road. This model has a range of up to 39 miles (63 km) on a single charge, which is quite good for food delivery jobs.

3) Qiewa Q-Hummer 2 – Great Electric Food Delivery Scooter


  • Range: 75 miles (120 km)
  • Max Speed: 46 mph (75 kmh)
  • Weight: 79.4lb (35 kg)

The Qiewa Q2 Hummer is also a great choice of electric scooters when it comes to food delivery. This model has a range of 55 to 75 miles (90 to 120 km) per single charge. The speed that Qiewa Q2 can reach is 75 kph, which is more than enough. The great thing about this model is that it is very solid and stable while driving, which is perhaps the most important feature. You will certainly not go wrong if you opt for this model.

4) Segway Ninebot Max – Good E-Scooter For Delivery


  • Range: 28 miles (45 km)
  • Max Speed: 18 mph (28 kmh)
  • Weight: 41lb (19 kg)

The Segway Ninebot Max also meets all the required requirements that an electric scooter must have to do this type of job. The range of this model is around 28 miles (45 km) per single charge, while the max speed is 18 mph (28 km/h). Ninebot Max has two built-in 350-watt motors, where 700 watts is the peak power.

The weight of this model is 19 kg (41 lbs), while the max capacity that a rider can have is 100 kg (220 lbs). This is a cheaper model compared to the previous three models. You can also fold and lock this scooter easily, which also makes it suitable for food delivery.

5) Swagger 5 – Affordable Electric Scooter For Food Delivery


  • Range: 12 miles (20 km)
  • Max Speed: 18 mph (28 kmh)
  • Weight: 26lb (12 kg)

The Swagger 5 also finished on our narrow list of the top 5 electric scooters for food delivery. Although very similar to the Xiaomi Mi M365, this scooter is much better quality and stronger than the said model. It comes with a 250W front hub motor that is reasonably fast and quiet. The maximum speed is only 18 mph (28 km/h), which is around 20-30% higher than the Xiaomi Mi M365 model.

With a single charge, you can go up to 12 miles (20 km) with Swagger 5. This model has a built-in lithium-ion 158Wh battery, which needs about 3.5 hours to fully charge. This electric scooter should be your last option if you really decide because it has a very short range and is not very suitable for food delivery.

How Do I Pick A Good Electric Scooter For Delivery?

The segment of this technology is rapidly developing all over the world, which is easily explained by environmental safety, affordable prices, and compact size of vehicles. Therefore, if you do not know how to choose an electric scooter for food delivery, you need to pay attention to parameters like speed, maximum carrying capacity, quality of construction, type of wheels, and others. Let’s take a closer look at everything:

1. What To Look For Regarding Speed?

Most city electric scooters can reach speeds up to 20 miles per hour (32 kmh). Better models can reach speeds significantly higher than that. In addition to high speed, it is desirable that your electric scooter has a strong motor also. Because the speed limit ranges around the already mentioned 20 miles per hour, sometimes that can be irrelevant. Regardless, it’s nice to have a higher-speed e-scooter because then you can ride faster on deserted and empty roads. Be sure to pay attention to the max speed when choosing an e-scooter.

2. How Do Potholes Influence E-scooters?

Potholes can easily damage lower-quality tires on electric scooters. That’s why you should get an e-scooter that has tires with good suspension and a long life span. The wider the wheels, the more stable the scooter is. At the same time, pneumatic wheels are considered to be the softest with good shock absorption. Die-cast models are designed for fast driving. The optimal size is 8 to 10 inches. Therefore, also pay attention to the tires when choosing an e-scooter.

3. How Often Do I Need To Repair It?

Repairs are mostly simple in the case of e-scooters. It mostly comes from flat tires. That’s why it’s good to always have a tool kit nearby. In this tool kit, you do not have to carry much. A hex keys, rubber pieces you can cut and use to patch up tires, and a wheel inflator are essential and anything else is just a plus. Most repair kits are already equipped with tools meant for wheel repairs because that is the most sensitive and fragile part of an e-scooter. 

4. How Durable/Heavy Should E-scooter Be?

When it comes to weight, it is best to find an e-scooter of medium weight. That is usually around 13 kg (28 lbs). The reason for this is the fact that very light scooters are unstable and very heavy ones are hard to transport. Most electric scooters are made out of stiff and sturdy materials such as aluminum and carbon. Because of the durable materials, your scooter will last you a long time, if taken care of properly. So try to buy an electric scooter made of quality material.

5. What Charging Time Should E-scooter Have?

Every e-scooter charges at a different pace, depending on the model and battery size. Most electric scooters need between 4 to 15 hours to charge. Some models that have large battery packs need up to 20 hours as well. Therefore, when choosing an electric scooter, we advise you to consider what is the range it can take per one charge and how long it takes to fully charge your scooter.

Return On Investment For Delivering With An Electric Scooter

When choosing an e-scooter for food delivery, the first thing we want is to get our return on investment (ROI) as soon as possible. That ROI should be in a period of 6 months to a year. Therefore, it is important to take cost-effectiveness into consideration. This can be done by looking for the parameters such as price, speed, range, power consumption, materials, and structure of the scooter.

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to e-scooters is their energy consumption per single charge. The energy consumption increases the heavier the rider is, and by its carry-on riding baggage. Heavy loads are for sure lifting your chances of the scooter stopping when you do not want it to. A drawback can also be weight in general. Not many scooters can carry more than 200 pounds (90 kg). 

Additional Things That Delivery Scooter Need To Have

  • Ability To Lock Them

Your e-scooter will need protection. You know that having a 3-year-old cell phone stolen is awful but having a brand new electric scooter stolen is much worse. Additionally, older, and cheaper models do not attract as much attention as new ones do, so you must be extra careful. Every purchase is important, so extra protection mechanisms are important as well. So, if you buy an e-scooter that doesn’t have protection, search for some. It’s necessary to keep your little cruising friend safe. Here you can check some of the quality Electric Scooter locks.

  • Ability To Carry Them

Convenience is one of the greatest advantages of e-scooters. They are simple to transport and can be stored almost anywhere. Riders often place them under their beds, behind curtains and closets, inside cabinets, and even in-car trunks. They are foldable, which means that they do not need much space. Even the taller and more cumbersome models are uncomplicated to store. Additionally, they are light. Most of the electric scooters weigh 27 lbs (12 kg).

One of the best parts is that some models also have the locking feature. The biggest drawback can be the driver’s lack of attention when storing and locking. Theft mostly occurs because drivers forget to lock the scooter.  One small mistake and the scooter can be stolen and gone forever.

How Much Money Can You Earn – Is It Worth It?

How much money you can earn for food delivery depends on the app (service) you use, the city where you live, and how many orders you deliver. Some of the most popular apps are Uber Eats, Door Dash, Deliveroo, Grubhub, Postmates, and many more. Like anything in life, experience comes with practice. Your income will increase with time and with how good you know the streets and how good your riding skills are. Most couriers make $10 to $20 per hour, which is around 50 to 100 dollars a day (if you work for 5 hours). This can be even higher if you get bonuses.

A good thing to pay attention to is the time period you decide to work in. You should always pick busy periods. Those are mostly times of lunch and dinner. But to be sure, you can ask restaurants when they have the most orders.

Buying an expensive e-scooter might seem foolish at first, but it isn’t, and it will pay off in the first few months of working. You still can buy a cheaper one to test things out, but you will not be able to experience the full financial potential of this industry this way.

Tips For Food Delivery For Guys And Girls

When you are delivering food with your electric scooter, you will always come across various situations in which you will have to react in a timely manner. It is therefore advisable to know some basic tips to help you with this. Here is the list of good habits that every electric scooter rider needs to know:

  • Parking: Try not to leave your electric scooter out of sight. If you must leave it out of your sight, then lock it. Also, don’t leave your scooter in the middle of the street, or ask another person to watch it for you while you come back.
  • Speed: Never drive more than the limit, as this endangers both yourself and other people. Don’t push your scooter too hard. Check the law and see what is the maximum speed that you can drive, because it all depends on the state you are in.
  • Taking Pictures: Be sure to take a picture of orders that you deliver to people. Keep in mind not to take pictures of people, only a picture of the bag. This way, you will have proof that you delivered the package.


How Much Does An E-scooter For Food Delivery Cost?

If you decide to buy an electric scooter that is suitable for food delivery, it will cost you between $1,000 up to $3,500. There are cheaper models, but with significantly less range which I by no means recommend.

How To Choose The Right E-scooter For A Food Delivery Job?

To choose the best suitable electric scooter for a food delivery job you must consider parameters such as how many hours per day you will work, what range you will cover, stability and flexibility of a scooter. The best choice is to buy a high-powered electric scooter that comes with a big range and great stability during the ride.

Why Do You Need An Electric Scooter For Food Delivery?

Electric scooters are the best way to do a food delivery job, better than cars, e-mopeds, or e-bikes. They are cheaper and more flexible to ride which can save you a lot of time especially in rush hour.

How Can I Make The Battery Go Further When Delivering Food?

If you want to increase the range of your electric scooter, things you can do are to check if you have good tire pressure, use one leg to push your scooter when you go uphill, and not use sudden accelerations that also reduce the range of the scooter.

Where Do You Charge The Battery if it Runs Out?

There are several places where you can charge your e-scooter if your home is not close by. Try finding e-scooter or e-bike shops. If those aren’t around, try asking in coffee shops or restaurants to plug your scooter in. But don’t do this too often because it will probably agitate the staff after a while.


When we summarize all this, we can say that the most important feature that an electric scooter needs to have is a good range. If the scooter does not have a big range, you will not be able to do enough orders in a day. The range of how much your electric scooter should have depends solely on the city and the routes you will take. A good food delivery e-scooter should have a range of 50 miles (80 km) per one charge.

Other features that are also important are the speed and its waterproofing. You will never ride in ideal conditions and you will be caught in the rain, so having a waterproof electric scooter is very important. Let’s not forget the motor power, which is important if you have to move on uphill terrain. I hope this article has helped you and you to choose the right electric scooter for your needs.

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