Electric Scooter Store Near me – 3 Best Ways to Find One

Find Electric Scooter Store And Shop Near Me

Most people when they want to buy something, they are always faced with the problem of choice and where to find the best shop or store near by. It is usual thing when you want to buy something as fast as you can, and then you make mistake. There is a lot of ways how you can buy an electric scooter today, and each one has its own pros and cons. Therefore, in addition to choosing and buying an electric scooter, you need to know some other things as well; will you get warranty, where you can get the cheapest model, does it come with spare parts and etc. In this article, we will explain the best ways how you can find the nearest electric scooter store & shop.

So, How to Find Nearest Store & Shop to buy Electric Scooter? The best way to find the nearest electric scooter store & shop is to use google and see if there is any scooter shop near you. If you do not have a shop in the place where you live, then search for the nearest Online Store and order through it. Check on Google the quality of service for that store.

You need to know that there is a big difference when we talk about online shops and stores. Many people can’t tell the difference, so we’ll explain and share some tips what are the pros & cons of online shops and stores. After we go through all this, you will become a much more experienced and smarter electric scooter buyer. So let’s get into it!

Ways to Find Electric Scooter Store & Shop Near Me:
1. Use Google to search for Big Online Stores like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, etc.
2. Use Google to search for Online Shops who specialize in electric scooters.
3. Use Google to see is there any physical store in your city.
4. Check with the city information line is there any registered electric scooter store in your city.
5. Find someone who has an electric scooter and ask him where he got it.

Difference Between Online Stores & Online Shops

To clarify things between these two terms. Online stores are stores like Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, Walmart, etc. Online Shops are specialized stores for a specific item or group of products that deal exclusively with it and offer much better and quality services. So, by buying in the Online Shop, you will get better customer support, a larger offer of electric scooters, and a warranty on the product you are buying. The advantage of Online stores is that they mostly have big discounts on products as opposed to online shops which also have discounts but less frequently.

Best Ways to Buy Electric Scooter Near Me

Now that we’ve explained the difference between Online stores and shops, let’s look at the ways how you can buy and find scooter shops near me. Here are three ways how you can find electric scooter shops near me.

The 3 Ways For Buying an Electric Scooter:

  • By big Online STORE
  • By Online SHOP
  • By Google & Searching

Through these three ways we will explain what are the pros and cons of each of them and see which option is the best for you and the most profitable. Don’t make quick decisions, but think about “Where I can find an electric scooter shop near me if I would need to repair it”. So how to find the nearest scooter store? It is therefore necessary to consider all the options that are avaible. I have made an effort, with the help of my colleagues, to provide you with the best informations for this topic.

1. Buy Electric Scooter by Big Online Store

Buy Electric Scooter Online

This is the easiest way if you want to buy an electric scooter. Big online stores offer everything related to electric scooters and any other equipment. Therefore, except scooters, you will also find accessories, protectors, spare chargers, gadgets and even spare parts if you need them. What big online stores often offer are the great discounts and deals to attract as many people as possible. This can sometimes create a problem because customers find it difficult to decide what product to buy. When it comes to “discounts”, it often happens that you buy things that you don’t even need.

Most big online stores have their customer support which can help and guide you with the range of models they have on offer. However, if you often use online shopping, you can get a pretty good discounts. You can get a membership card and it can save you a lots of money in a long run.

We will list the biggest online stores where you can purchase your electric scooter. Not all online stores are the same, because somewhere you will get your order much faster, while in others you will get cheaper.

Online Store:Speed of delivery:Price:Quality:Overall Rating:
1. Ebay3/55/55/54/5
2. Best Buy4/54/54/54/5
3. Alibaba4/54/54/54/5
4. Walmart5/54/55/55/5
5. Aliexpress4/54/54/54/5
6. Amazon5/55/54/55/5

• EBAY Online Store

Ebay is one of those places where you can find everything! Not just for electric scooters, but for everything that comes to your mind. Apart from the fact that there are many types of scooters on Ebay, there are also accessories available. From protective helmets, lights, wheels and other equipment. Ebay is a reliable place and for many years it has been at the very top and offers excellent customer support.

• BEST BUY Online Store

Although Best Buy is one of the most famous online stores on the internet, they do not offer the largest offer of electric scooters like the others. However, they have excellent customer support and it is very easy to use their website for orders. Also, their deliveries are quite fast and high quality. If you have time, be sure to check on their website if there is a model that interests you.

• ALIBABA Online Store

Alibaba is the largest Chinese online shop and the second largest in the world. It is a company that has existed for many years and has a respectable reputation. Alibaba offers a huge range of electric scooters. If you do not know exactly what you want, here you will get a very wide range of scooters.

• WALMART Online Store

Walmart has perhaps the most electric scooters on offer of all these online stores. So if you opt for Walmart you will find great options for you and your family. You also have a variety of filters available to help you choose an electric scooter more easily. Walmart offers so many models that your only problem will be which one to choose.

• ALIEXPRESS Online Store

Aliexpress also belongs to the large online stores, where you will have a completely satisfactory offer of electric scooters. Aliexpress have super design and filters that adorn their online store, you will be able to easily find the model that interests you for an affordable price.

• AMAZON Online Store

We don’t even have to say anything about Amazon! The largest online store that exists in the world with the most diverse products and offers. As for electric scooters, Walmart has a bigger offer of electric scooters, but it is definitely worth to check the Amazon store and look at what they have to offer. You will find a lot of scooters at a discount which is a big advantage if you want to go cheaper.

2. Buy Electric Scooter by Online Shop

Buy ELectric Scooter Online Shop

Online shops are a much better way to buy an electric scooter online than online stores. Why? When you buy and order a product online, online Shops are much safer and better place than big stores like Amazon, Ebay or Wamart. Online Shops mostly specialize only in the equipment in one or two niches (in this case electric scooters) and offer professional and quality products.

In my opinion customer service is one of the most important things that online shop need to have. Although online stores have them, online shops have professional staff who know a lot about the product you want to buy, so they can give you an expert opinion and advice if you need. Another advantage of the Online Shop is that they do not have a million visitors a day and can dedicate themselves to the customer (you), unlike Amazon or Walmart.

Therefore, they value every customer and try to make the customer happy. Electric scooters break down, therefore expert opinion is always important. So I always give preference to Online Shops when it comes to buying an electric scooter. We will go through some of the most famous Online Shops that I am personally familiar with.

The Pros & Cons of Buying An Electric Scooter By Online Shop:

    The PROS:

  • Professional service
  • Large selection of electric scooters
  • Warranty included
  • Quality guaranteed

     The CONS:

  • Waiting for delivery
  • Price

• Fluid Free Ride (USA)

The Fluid Free Ride offers very best adult electric scooters online. Their headquarters are located in Miami (USA), and they have the ability to forward your scooter across the USA. The reviews they have indicated that customers are very satisfied with their service and that they offer high quality, both equipment, and customer support. They offer a guarantee that the electric scooter will come to your home address without any damage.

I personally ordered a couple of spare parts for my electric scooter and they came to me neatly within a week. So if you are within the USA, feel free to check out the scooter offer they have.

Here is their website: Fluid Free Ride

• Mini Motors USA

From what I have heard Mini Motors USA has one of the best customer services that exists. The people who work there are flawless and very professional when it comes to electric scooters. They serve the highest quality, most powerful, and the fastest electric scooters on the market.

You will be surprised by the quality of the scooters they have to offer. While they are not the cheapest on this list, there are sure to be those who are willing to set aside a little more money for a better scooter. Mini Motors cares most about customer satisfaction, so they do their best to make it so, and you will also feel it when you contact them.

Here is their website: Mini Motors USA

• Pure Scooters (EU)

The Pure Scooters is located in Europe, London! Therefore, for all those who are in Europe, this is certainly one of the best online shops in Europe with high-quality service and customer service. However, although they only ship within the UK at the moment, there are ways to ship your scooter within other countries through transport companies as well.

The best way is to contact them and check. They offer a large number of electric scooters, spare parts, and protective equipment for many well-known models. I have not personally ordered from them, but what I have been able to see in their reviews is that they have a very large base of satisfied customers.

Here is their website: Pure Scooters

3. How To Find Electric Scooter Store Near me?

Electric Scooter Near me

This is certainly without a doubt the best possible way you can buy an electric scooter, but sometimes not optional? What do I mean? Well, it can happen that in the place where you live you don’t have any store in the radius of 100 km so the only way to buy it is to cross that distance.

Also if your electric scooter breaks down, you would like to have a store nearby so you can go get the parts very quickly and fix your scooter if possible and not wait for days or weeks for spare parts to arrive. After all, when buying an electric scooter, it is best to be on the spot and, if possible, try out the model you want to buy.

That way you will know right away whether that scooter suits you or not. Many people make the wrong decision thinking that a scooter can only be evaluated and purchased by its appearance and characteristics without having tried it. Sometimes this can turn out to be a bad decision. On the other hand, the person in that store can give you some advice when choosing what is also important to consider.

Therefore, as we said, the best option is to be on the spot and to try that scooter live because that way in most cases you will do better than buying online. After all, if a malfunction occurs on your electric scooter, you will be able to take it for repair and replace it due to the warranty you will receive. Face-to-face is the best way to buy something. So how to find scooter shops near me?

But how do you find the nearest electric scooter store near you?

• By Using Google

Google may be the best way to find out if there is an electric scooter shop in your city. If you type the right keywords and the name of your city, Google you should list all the shops in your area. Of course, the way you should type keywords into Google are the following:

  • Buy electric scooter shop (your town/city)
  • Nearest electric scooter shop (your city)
  • Electric scooter repair near me (your city)

By using keywords correctly, Google will offer you the best results, and you will get an insight into all registered shops that are located near you. The only drawback that can happen is that if someone has not registered their business / craft, they will not appear on Google. This can lead to a situation where there is an electric scooter shop and Google does not show it to you. These are rare cases, but they do exist.

• By Paying Attention And Informing

Even though you know your neighborhood very well, you never know where in the city you might have an electric scooter shop. So when moving, pay attention around and see what kind of things are there. Sometimes it is advisable to ask someone on the street who you see that has an electric scooter and ask him if he knows if there is an electric scooter shop nearby.

This way you will get first-hand information and at the same time you will find out where that shop is located. Sometimes you’ll be surprised by the results you’ll hear because you haven’t paid attention before so you just couldn’t know if there was any scooter shop nearby.

Where to Buy Electric Scooter Spare Parts?

Is there any scooter store near me? When buying an electric scooter you need to know where you will procure parts in the future if some kind of malfunction occurs or if you want to upgrade your model. With cheap electric scooters, breakdowns can happen more often, and you will need an authorized store. Each model is different and requires different parts. When it comes to spare parts I would recommend the website electricscooterparts.com. They have been known for many years and on their website you can find every part individually by filters and search.

How to Choose The Right Electric Scooter For You?

When we want to buy something, we are always faced with the problem of choice. The electric scooter is no exception. How to choose an electric scooter? Which electric scooter is better to choose and buy? What should you pay attention to? Here we will try to figure out what you should look at when choosing such a vehicle.

  1. Battery Capacity: This determines how far you will travel without recharging. Some cheap models, such as the e-scooter, are capable of only 5-8 km on a single charge. True, sellers of these scooters often overestimate this figure and write 10-15 km. Such a distance is not serious for an electric scooter. Despite the fact that now there are models whose mileage reaches 200 km, it is still necessary to choose scooters with the ability to cover a distance of 25 km or more. It is very clear why this is important!
  2. Size and Type of Wheels: Electric scooters are available with different wheel diameters, from 4 to 14 inches. Look for a scooter with a wheel size of 8-10 inches, this is the optimal size. Wheels that are too small can cause a lot of discomfort on the road, on small wheels it is more difficult to overcome potholes, cracks, small stones and other bumps and obstacles on the road. Well, large wheels will add not only extra weight, but also dimensions. 
  3. Depreciation: It is better to choose electric scooters equipped with suspension. Front and rear shock absorbers absorb vibration, softening the ride on uneven roads. There are more and more types of shock absorbers, some hard, some very soft. So you need to try and choose which suspension suits you best.
  4. Price: Last but not least is the price. Higher quality and better models are more expensive, but they also offer many more features than cheaper scooters. Therefore, my advice is to inform yourself online before you decide to buy some model and see the reviews of various electric scooters.


Rent Electric Scooter

Today in the world there are many places where you can rent an electric scooter. Some people just don’t want to buy a scooter but find it easier to rent and use it from point A to point B. The way you can do this is very simple and very inexpensive. In big cities like New York this has been available for years. Therefore, keep in mind that there is such an option.


Now that we’ve gone through the best ways how to find an electric scooter shop and store in your area, I hope you’ve gotten a much better picture of how to do it properly. Find the nearest scooter store! We also explained the difference between shop and store, which a lot of people don’t understand though. In this article, we mentioned few ways how to find a physical shop in your area if there is one, because it is the best way to buy an electric scooter. I hope this article helped you and if you have any questions feel free to write in the comments below.

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