10 Best Electric Longboards [ 2021 Reviews ]

10 Best Electric Longboards Full Review

The electric longboard is new, fun and a great way of transportation. It is designed to ride in the city as well as on all other types of hard or soft terrain: asphalt, cobblestones, steep roads, beaches, dirt. Electric longboards provide a smoother ride compared to a normal skateboard deck and gives you more stability during the ride. It is an economical and practical means of transport. But what especially makes the charm of electric longobard skateboards are super-maneuverable side. 

There are a huge variety of longboards available on the market, but we have found the best models of the moment. This is to prevent you from making a bad choice in the purchase of your electric board, but also to save you time. Therefore, we have made the list of 10 best electric longboards that are avaible on the market with all of their pros and cons. So let’s get started!

The 10 Best Electric Longboards:

Model:Max Speed:Max Range:Weight:Available:
1. Teamgee H5 35 km/h18 km6.6 kgCheck Price
2. Maxfind Max-4 Super Range35 km/h41 km7.4 kgCheck Price
3. Koowheel Kooboard40 km/h20 km7.3 kgCheck Price
4. Maxfind Max 238 km/h28 km5.5 kgCheck Price
5. RCB longboard32 km/h28 km8 kgCheck Price
6. Inboard M135.5 km/h20 km6.5 kgCheck Price
7. Buffalo F40 km/h25 km7.5 kgCheck Price
8. Ownboard CS140 km/h30 km7.6 kgCheck Price
9. Maxfind Max B28 km/h17 km5 kgCheck Price
10. Max-Eboard32 km/h21 km7.5 kgCheck Price

Difference Between Electric Longboard and Electric Skateboard?

Difference between Electric Skateboard vs Electric Longboard

So what is the main difference when we talk about electric skateboards vs electric longboards? The main difference between electric longboard and electric skateboard is in width and length. Electric longboards are wider and longer than the skateboards, which allows you the easier ride and give you the better balance. Skateboard wheels are much heavier, while electric motor longboards have soft, medium-sized wheels which allows you to ride a smoother over long distances. 

Longboard originates from Hawaiian surfers. Using longboards you have the option to go up or down the hills, over sand and dirt by the smooth wheels that they have. While on the other hand, skateboards are less capable of moving on such terrains and climbs.

Electric Longboards Buyers Guide

When you like to move in silence, without effort and without pollution, do not hesitate to buy yourself an electric longboard. It is an individual means of transport based on a skateboard equipped with an electric motor. If you have just entered this world, it can be difficult to choose the right model of electric longboard skateboard, and what qualities to look for. When you are looking for an electric longboard there are few factors to look for, such as: the length of the board, placement of the trucks, wheel size, type of board and flex. Therefore, we will explain to you on what things you need to pay attention:

1. Choosing the Board

Every longboard skateboard must have the deck greater than 80 cm (31 inches). The longer the longboards are, the more stable the ride will be. Below waist level and always in the same spirit of urban riding, we then pass on what are called cruisers. In terms of use, longboards are made for long trips and are very stable even at high speeds, while cruisers are there for much shorter trips, as trips in town for example. We will not go into details, but know that the deck can have several shapes: Wheel Cutout, Single/double kick or pintail. When viewed in profile, it can be concave, convex or flat. Finally, if you look at the longboard from the front, it can be concave, flat or tri-concave.

2. Flex & Balance

When it comes to the flex of the board, it determines few factors that are important. If you want balance on your electric motor longboard, the higher the flex is, the better balance you get. You will get the better balance and shock absorption. When you have stiffer flex, the board is harder to balance on and you get the shock absorption decreased.

3. Truck Placement

Truck is the metal part that makes the connection between your wheels and your deck. As you can imagine, they are wider than on classic skateboards. To choose your trucks, we look at the width between the two wheels. The greater the distance, the more stable the longboard is, but on the other hand you lose handling. The difference between a top mounted trucks and deck designed trucks are based on the design of the nose.

 If you notice the holes for screws on the nose, you have a top mount board. If you have a rectangular hole that is surrounded by smaller screw holes, then it is a deck for drop down trucks. Seller will additionally tell you that you have several ways to edit them.

4. The Wheel Selection

Wheels are very important part when we talk about powered longboards, because it can change the way the board rides. The wheels are thicker and softer unlike typical skateboard wheels, which allows you to smoothly ride over various terrains. Pay attention to the thicker wheels, to get a smoother ride. For a longboard, the size of the wheels varies in 60 and 107 mm, knowing that most skates are equipped with wheels in 65 and 75 mm range. 

Note: the wider the wheel and the slower it goes. But that’s not all, since a notion of wheel hardness comes into play. The hardness is indicated with a number followed by the letter A. The higher the number, the harder the wheel, and the easier it will be to slip with your skate. The figure varies between 70A and 90A.

10 Best Electric Longboards On The Market [Review]

1. Teamgee H5


  • Dimensions: 96.5 x 21.5 x 10.4 cm
  • Max Speed: 35 km/h
  • Max Range: 18 km
  • Max Load: 90 kg
  • Weight: 6.6 kg
  • Motor: 760 W
  • Battery: 450 mAh Li-Po

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The Teamgee H5 is a compact and powerful powered longboard that gives you adrenaline rushes and quite remarkable speed. It has a dual motor and a power of 760W in all, which allows it to reach a speed of 35 km/h. It is also capable of crossing a 25° slope thanks to the structure of its wheels and its lightness. Indeed, this skateboard weighs only 6.6kg. You can therefore carry it just as easily, and store it anywhere you go. The dimensions of Teamgee H5 are 96.5 x 21.5 x 10.4 cm.

It is especially appreciated for its quality of being the flattest skateboard on the market. With a height of only 10.5cm and a thickness of 1.5cm it is also the thinnest electric longboard. But do not imagine that it is a disposable product that breaks after a few uses. Quite the contrary! Teamgee H5 is made with quality materials and is quite robust. Admittedly, it is advisable to avoid puddles and stony paths, it is not a powerful skateboard that guarantees thrills. The maximum load of this model can take up to 90 kg.

Teamgee H5 Electric Longboard Review

Teamgee H5 has a removable 450 mAh lithium polymer battery which is also very minimalist. Thanks to the latter, the skateboard can travel up to 18km on a single charge. When the battery is low, it takes just 2 hours to fully charge. Depending on the user weight, the actual performance will be affected, and by that fall road conditions and battery level. This skateboard offers two different speed modes: the low mode with a speed of 18 km/h and the maximum mode with 35km/h. This skateboard is controlled with an LCD screen remote control. This screen displays information such as speed, battery charge status, mode, etc. To change mode, accelerate, slow down, or even brake, we use the remote control. The latter also includes a Led flashlight.


      The PROS:

  • The compact form
  • It has LCD screen remote control
  • Max speed of 35 km/h
  • the crusing look and the retro design
  • wide, light and puncture-resistant
  • Weights only 6.6 kg

     The CONS:

  • Range of 18 km
  • Not shockproof and not waterproof
  • Lack of robustness

My opinion

I bought the Teamgee H5 and it must be said that I am delighted. I’m a caverboard fan and this ultra flat board has improved my performance. It offers a rather impressive cruising speed and the autonomy is still correct in my opinion. On the aesthetic side, this skateboard is very beautiful with finishes measured to the millimeter. I take advantage of the fact that it is also flat but it is not the case for the others who need a product a little more robust and which can be used everywhere and anytime.

2. Maxfind Max-4 Super Range


  • Dimensions: 97 x 27 x 13 cm
  • Max Speed: 35 km/h
  • Max Range: 41 km (26 miles)
  • Max Load: 100 kg (220 lbs)
  • Weight: 7.4 kg (16.5 lbs)
  • Motor: 750W
  • Battery: 440 mAH Li-ion

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The Maxfind Max-4 Super Range is a motor longboard skateboard designed for everyday use on short trips. This model comes with a double brushless motor which ensures you the smoother climbs even at moderate speed. It is also equipped with two removable batteries, one of which can be easily replaced. This therefore provides additional autonomy for prolonged use. Maxfind Max4 can reach a speed up to 35km/h, but the recommended speed is 28km/h.

It also incorporates a waterproof motherboard that is well sheltered from external aggressions. This allows you to drive even on a puddle without any risk. The Maxfind Max-4 Longboard is equipped with two brushless motors which give it double the power allowing it to climb to 30% quickly and without difficulty. It couples this performance with rapid, regenerative braking.

Maxfind Max-4 Super Range

The Maxfind Max-4 Super Range presents a modern and very classy design with its mixture of matt black and shiny color. The top of the board is covered by gray-black carbon fiber with a white decorative stripe and the brand name. The desk was made with 8 layers of Canadian maple wood. It is flexible, solid and stable at the same time on the four puncture-proof wheels. The dimensions of this model are 97 x 27 x 13 cm.

The Maxfind electric longboard comes with a wireless remote control that allows you to instantly regulate the speed, activate the braking or change direction. The remote control is pleasant and above all easy to use. To pair it with the board, you need to long press the power button until the board flashes blue and the remote flashes red. The brake button can be reached with the thumb. This electric longboard offers two different speed modes: beginner mode and sport mode for the more experienced who wish to exploit the full potential of Maxfind. 


      The PROS:

  • Flexible and resistant plate
  • Can support up to 100kg
  • Ergonomic remote control easy to use
  • Wide wheels suitable for manual ascent
  • The two frictionless motors ensuring double the power
  • Two batteries provided for durability

     The CONS:

  • Insufficient speed for extreme sport fans
  • Connection problem with the remote control at times
  • Rolling noise at the wheels

My opinion

For a city longboard, Maxfind Max-4 Super Range has all the essential assets for optimal performance. From its construction and design to the size of its wheels, this skateboard impresses and guarantees an enjoyable experience. On the other hand, for extreme athletes and thrill seekers, it remains in the medium category in terms of speed. Fortunately it has two batteries!

3. KOOWHEEL Kooboard


  • Dimensions: 90 x 22 x 12 cm
  • Max Speed: 40 km/h
  • Max Range: 20 km (12.5 miles)
  • Max Load: 100 kg
  • Weight: 7.3 kg
  • Motor: 700W
  • Battery: 5500 mAh Li-ion

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Did you know that the KOOWHEEL Kooboard electric longboard is one of the fastest around? And yes, this skateboard is fast and can travel more than 40 km/h. This is simply huge since, a standard skateboard can go up to 25 km/h in general.  For driving, this is done by clicking on a simple command button. Rather classified as Electric Skateboard, for me, it’s more of a longboard. In short, without further debate, test of a pretty beast at a nice price!

In terms of design, the Electric Kooboard is pretty straightforward. Both ends of the skate are symmetrical with the Koowhel badge on top of the board. However, electric Kooboard really impresses in terms of construction. It is fashioned from seven layers of superimposed maple trees that guarantee resistance. As for the power, it is provided by two non-brushed motors.

KOOWHEEL Kooboard Review

Like most electric skateboards, the Electric Kooboard works with a control. For this Koowheel model, it has the advantage of being more ergonomic because it is in the form of a bracelet and is easily slipped on the fingers. To start, just get on the board and press three times on the button. If you want to increase the power and drive faster or even reach more than 30 km/h, you must click on the same button five times.

But, before starting, you must take into account the condition of the batteries, which means that you must first refuel beforehand. Aside from its super sonic speed, the Kooboard is also rugged. It is designed for heavy goods vehicles and to support a weight of over one 100 kg. Likewise, its magnesium alloy is resistant to compression, various impacts and wear.

      The PROS:

  • Robustness and wear resistance
  • The feeling of speed is fabulous
  • The weight of the Kooboard is perfect
  • The braking system is safe
  • The price is quite reasonable

     The CONS:

  • The battery charging time is too slow
  • The range is correct but the autonomy is rather average

My opinion

For me, this electric longboard skateboard is cheap and it’s good model to start at a lower cost! I also started with a KOOWHEEL.

4. Maxfind Max 2


  • Dimensions: 81 x 24 x 15 cm
  • Max Speed: 38 km/h (24 mph)
  • Max Range: 28 km (17 miles)
  • Max Load: 110 kg (250 lbs)
  • Weight: 5.5 kg (12 lbs)
  • Motor: 2x 500W
  • Battery: LG 18650 Lithium-ion

Maxfind Max 2 Review

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The German brand MAXFIND surprised us with its electric longboard. This model is suitable for amateurs and experts. It is easy to maneuver. Lightweight and compact, it’s a must-have for sneaking through the streets. The MAXFIND Electric Skateboard is one of the lightest skateboards around. It weighs a little over 5 kg. It is credited with high performance with its powerful double engine delivering a maximum speed of 38km/h.

This allows it to travel 28 km on a single charge in less time than it takes. It is even able to climb slopes up to 15%. It also grants an extended gliding experience thanks to its waterproofness (protection index 65). It can be used on wet ground without risk of slipping.

Maxfind Max 2 Electric Skateboard

This MAXFIND electric skateboard comes with a wireless remote control in black color and fits in one hand. With this accessory, you can instantly regulate speed, braking and steering. This makes this longboard an easy-to-drive vehicle. On the operational side, beginners will have to choose low speed for safe driving. The more experienced can exploit the full potential of this MAXFIND with more advanced speed.

To pair the remote control with the board, you long press the yellow power button. When the board flashes in blue and the remote control in red, it means that the MAXFIND is operational and ready to slide. On the road, braking is done by pressing the dedicated button via the thumb.

You should know that its charger remains very portable. It is the size of a PC charger so it fits easily in a bag. This compact side is very useful for unexpected breakdowns. Take it and there you are again in the saddle. A charging time of half an hour is equivalent to a battery boosted to 85% if in principle, it takes two hours for 100%.


      The PROS:

  • Flexible and robust deck 8 layers
  • Maximum load of 110 kg
  • Value for money more than interesting
  • Ergonomics of the remote control which fits well in the hand
  • Wide wheels suitable for manual ascent

     The CONS:

  • Speed in high level mode insufficient for sliding experts
  • Some instabilities in the connection between the remote control and the board

My opinion

For my part, I see this MAXFIND electric skateboard as offering sufficient gliding performance. It offers maximum speed and has the advantage of providing safe and fast driving. This powered motor longboard is suitable for any situation. It sports an elegant and versatile design. It is easy to drive, transport due to its low weight and to use. I particularly appreciate the practicality of its remote control. 

5. RCB Electric Longboard


  • Dimensions: 90 x 20 x 3.8 cm
  • Max Speed: 32 km/h
  • Max Range: 28 km
  • Max Load: 120 kg
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Motor: 800W
  • Battery: 6600 mAh Li-ion

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If you are looking for performance and design in one electric longboard, look no more! This RCB longboard will be perfect for you. It comes with high capacities with its 6.6Ah LG lithium battery which can output up to 800W power. This 4-wheel skateboard can push up to 32 km/h. Perfect for enjoying the ride during short trips. This Electric Longboard can also be controlled remotely using the accompanying remote control.

You will be captivated by the quality of finish of the machine. The design is at the top! The panel was made of aluminum in order to make the machine more robust. The wheels are designed with flexible PU materials that impact the different vibrations that can be encountered while driving.

RCB Electric Longboard

With its weight of 8 kg, the RCB Electric Longboard is a high-performance model that can support a load of 120 kg maximum. To get the most out of your device, you need to fully charge it, which will take you about 3-4 hours to charge. Its max range will vary depending on the weight between 25 to 28 km, as well as its optimal speed which will be between 28 – 32 km/h.

As already indicated a little above, the device has a remote control with which you can manage everything on the machine. You can turn the device on and off, adjust its speed, etc. without having to touch your four wheels. The device is also equipped with a control app that will allow you to do everything remotely. You can roam around worry-free on your powered motor longboard while keeping an eye on the battery capacity and manage your movements accordingly.

      The PROS:

  • Very intuitive remote control
  • Powerful 800 W motor
  • Top design
  • Water resistance: the device can be used in the rain
  • Safe to use, with very little vibration

     The CONS:

  • The operating distance is insufficient for long journeys
  • Reserved for urban areas

My opinion

If you are looking for a state-of-the-art motorized longboard that is both very aesthetic and efficient, this model is for you. Lightweight and compact, you can take it with you without difficulty. In addition, it’s super easy to use!

6. Inboard M1


  • Dimensions: 94 x 26 x 13 cm
  • Max Speed: 35.5 km/h
  • Max Range: 20 km
  • Max Load: 120 kg
  • Weight: 6.5 kg (14.5 lbs)
  • Motor: 1000 W
  • Battery: 2250 mAh Li-ion

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The Inboard Technology M1 will make many fans of snow sports happy. A longboard skateboard equipped with cutting-edge technology, it combines almost all the characteristics demanded by the pros of riding. Eh yes! The Inboard Technology M1 stands out with its motors and brakes integrated into the wheels. Powerful motors with which you can travel more than 35.5 km/h

A board connected to Bluetooth moreover, its speed can be easily adjusted thanks to a mobile application. Its lithium battery well installed under the board and allows easy replacement if needed while you are on the road.

Inboard N1 Electric Longboard review

With its deck made of a 3D Poplar wood core reinforced with sidewalls and wrapped in fiberglass like found in high-end snowboards, the Inboard Technology M1 is stronger than ever. This model have unique futuristic design by the LED headlights and its design is intended for man and woman.

This model is state-of-the-art skateboard, and it is specifically designed for simplicity and convenience. From beginners to pro riders, the Inboard Technology M1 allows you to choose between three driving modes, including a driving mode for beginners, intermediates and more advanced. In addition, it is equipped with the engine named the Manta Drive. 

Yields and board efficiency can thus be improved with updates to the associated program. But still, one of the most important features of this skateboard is its driving from a mobile. Indeed, by installing the mobile application, you will be able to control the skateboard in complete safety way. This is a very useful option to have your phone in hand while driving your board and staying focused on the road. We fell for it!


      The PROS:

  • Quality battery, long range
  • Its great robustness: all its parts and wheels which are of high quality.
  • Its intuitive remote control which is the easiest to use: great grip!
  • Its resistance to splashes and humidity with its IP 54

     The CONS:

  • The mobile app that lacks some basic functionality. 
  • Its unique color in black, certainly unisex, but which offers no choice
  • Its lack of security (GPS or other tracking means)

My opinion

If you’re ready to spend some money on a high quality skateboard, the one size black Inboard Technology M1 with wireless remote control is a great choice. When it comes to new technology, this electric skateboard is undoubtedly the most innovative model. With its engines inside its wheels and its parts well hidden under the table, it will surely make a name for itself in the future. All combined with the quality of its board, we can no longer resist it! 

7. Buffalo F


  • Dimensions: 97.5 x 23 x 13 cm
  • Max Speed: 40 km/h
  • Max Range: 25 km
  • Max Load: 120 kg
  • Weight: 7.5 kg (17 lbs)
  • Motor: 2x 1200W
  • Battery: LG 185650 Lithium

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The Buffalo F electric longboard is dedicated to expert skaters looking for thrills and speed lovers. Suffice to say that it is not the ideal skateboard for beginners. It is characterized by its power, its great autonomy and its reliability. This light and smart skateboard has a removable battery and dual motor. This electric skateboard can ride on different types of surfaces.

The Buffalo F electric motorized longboard has two 1200W Brushless motors. This will propel you to a top speed of up to 40 km/h in advanced mode and 20 km/h in cruise mode. There is still the beginner mode at 20km/h for those who prefer to ride in more moderation. It can therefore be used in three different modes depending on the level or the circumstances: advanced, cruising and beginner. The mileage driven on a single charge is approximately 25 km with a single engine and 20 km with a dual engine. This skateboard comes with Hall effect sensor, and a removable LG 18650 29.4V lithium battery.

Buffalo F Electric Skateboard

The full charging time only takes 4 hours. It is therefore a device for frequent use. One of Buffalo’s greatest assets is its board, which is made up of four layers of bamboo and four layers of fiberglass. This allows the skateboarder to enjoy high level traction. In addition, the 8 and 5 cm diameter wheels are waterproof, resistant to dust and impact , with a rebound capacity of 85%. This electric longboard works using a 2.4 GHz radio control type remote control.

Designed with 8 layers of bamboo and fiberglass , the Buffalo Electric Longboard uses quality materials to withstand all tests in all conditions. This type of material can reduce weight and enhance durability. Anti-rust treated , it is perfectly protected against splashes of water, mud and dust. 

      The PROS:

  • Top speed – very powerful 1200W dual motor
  • The stable and robust bamboo and fiberglass board
  • The ability to accelerate uphill
  • Kinetic energy that automatically recharges

     The CONS:

  • The fairly high weight
  • Not suitable for children

My opinion

I am amazed with the climbing ability of this professional skateboard. Not only can it climb slopes with ease, but it is able to accelerate on all climbs. You get a lot of traction thanks to the light and flexible platform. For thrill-seekers like me, this is the ideal skateboard.

8. Ownboard CS1


  • Dimensions: 90 x 23 x 12 cm
  • Max Speed: 40 km/h (25 mph)
  • Max Range: 30 km (19 miles)
  • Max Load: 120 kg (265 lbs)
  • Weight: 7.6 kg (16.8 lbs)
  • Motor: 250W x2
  • Battery: Samsung 18650 Li-ion

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The Ownboard CS1 Double Motor with remote control is a sporty motorized longboard equipped with a powerful double motor (250W x2) and a Lithium battery. It comes with a remote control where you can control its starting, speed, acceleration and braking. The remote control has lights and vibrations with every manipulation. This skateboard/longboard can withstand a weight of up to 120 kg and reach a maximum speed of 40km/h. Its weight is 7.6kg. 

Its wheels include ceramic bearings more suited to high speed. It can take a 15° climb. The great flexibility of the board facilitates maneuvers and makes it compact. Its box contains the remote control with its USB charging cable; a pair of spare deck foam; a charger and DC port adapter; a pair of dash resistant rubbers; a T tool and a user manual.

Ownboard CS1 Electric Longboard

At first glance, the Ownboard CS1 motor longboard looks simple but robust. Its minimalist air highlights these large ceramic wheels suggesting its high speed. Its design shows that this skateboard is built to withstand extreme conditions and go fast. Its adherent and waterproof board consists of 6 layers of ultra-flexible maple wood and a double layer of light and strong bamboo.

Like the vast majority of electric skateboards, the Ownboard CS1 operates using a remote control. The latter is very easy to use and includes LED indicators indicating the status of the battery. You must press a button for the display to appear. It disappears after 10 to 20 seconds to maintain autonomy. The speed modes, but also braking and acceleration are controllable by the remote control. For even easier use, the remote control includes only three buttons. 

      The PROS:

  • Flexibility and resistance longboard
  • Lightness and easy transport
  • Higher speed due to new ceramic bearings
  • Sealing of battery and motor
  • Ergonomic design
  • dust protection
  • Powerful brushless motor

     The CONS:

  • Vibration sensitivity
  • No light for evening use
  • Battery level display is not automatic

My opinion

From the first use, you can feel the difference of the professional Ownboard CS1 Engine remote-controlled motorized longboard. It has impressive propulsion speed and comfortable damping . With its speed of up to 40km/h, it offers an exhilarating gliding experience. But beware all the same: 40km/h is a lot!



  • Dimensions: 100 x 27 x 14 cm
  • Max Speed: 28 km/h
  • Max Range: 17 km
  • Max Load: 100 kg
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Motor: 2x 500W
  • Battery: 18650 Lithium-ion

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The Maxfind Max B electric longboard is categorized among the lightest boards on the market, especially since it has two powerful motors. Offering a speed of 28km/h, this longboard allows you to ride freely wherever you want and even climb slopes up to 15%. We can even go fearlessly on the wettest terrain with the Maxfind electric longboard which is perfectly waterproof with a protection index of 65. The weight is just 5.5 kg and it is easy to transport and allows you to travel up to 17 km in one charge.

The deck is designed with 8 layers of perfectly flexible Canadian maple wood, making it more solid and stable for use over many years. A well-built black longboard, the MAXFIND is suitable for both female and male riders. Nothing could be easier than driving the Max B electric skateboard which has a white wireless remote control. With this small remote control that can be perfectly held in your hand, you can control speed, braking, but also direction, with complete ease.

Maxfind Max B Electric Longboard

For a beginner rider, it suffices to opt for the slower speed mode in order to live the first experiences of sliding in complete safety, while riders of a more advanced level will be delighted to exploit the full performance of the board with faster speed mode.

To pair the remote with the board elsewhere, just press the yellow power button for a few seconds. When the remote control flashes red and the board in blue, you can start riding with the MAXFIND longboard. Along the way, when you have to brake, all you have to do is press the brake button with your thumb. In addition, the charger the size of a laptop charger can be easily carried in a bag to avoid battery failures along the way. A charging time of just 30 minutes will recharge the battery up to 85%. That, I really appreciated!


      The PROS:

  • 8 layers of maple trees giving it great strength
  • Its capacity can support up to 100 kg
  • Its small remote control fits easily in the hand
  • Its wide wheels for manual ascent
  • Its attractive price/quality ratio for a high-end electric longboard

     The CONS:

  • Too slow for a pro rider
  • Its poor climbing performance

My opinion

A perfect combination of gliding and new technology, the Maxfind electric longboard offers a feeling of maximum pleasure. Whether for fun during hobbies or to get around town, you can only love it more. Thanks to its bluetooth connected remote control, you can enjoy it in all its strength and performance with a table with 2 speed modes. This is a longboard that is suitable for adults, but let’s not forget to wear protection during use, because safety above all!

10. Max-Eboard


  • Dimensions: 91.5 x 27.4 x 14 cm
  • Max Speed: 32 km/h (20 mph)
  • Max Range: 21 km (13 miles)
  • Max Load: 110 kg
  • Weight: 7.5 kg
  • Motor: 1200W
  • Battery: Li-ion

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Here is a longboard that has been worked for the inhabitants of the outskirts of large cities. With so much speed, power and range, you can get to work with peace of mind every day. The Max-Eboard electric longboard has been designed to exceed the functionality of its little brother Min-Eboard. Max-Eboard can reach a speed of up to 32 km/h over a range of 21 km and featuring a powerful 1200 W motor with anti-splash and dust-proof housing, this longboard is perfect, whether for on the go or for simply for fun. 

In addition, with its ABEC-7 bearings you have super smooth wheels and an important fluidity. At first glance, the Max-Eboard from Slick Revolution may look rather classic in design, but it remains a high-end longboard, powerful and well built. Built with high quality parts and materials, you are ready for many years of thrills and fun. Its motor and lithium battery installed under the board allow you to use it with ease and replace parts easily when needed.

Max E-board Electric Longboard

The Max-Eboard, like any electric skateboard, has a wireless remote control. This is also the case when you need to brake on the Max-Eboard. It is also possible to slow down and quickly shift up a gear in seconds. The remote control is thus provided with three speed modes, slow, medium and fast. This allows both beginners and more experienced riders to enjoy longboarding as they see fit. 

The remote control also has a standby time of one month for easier use of the longboard when traveling. We really enjoyed it. In addition, during braking, the battery charges. This offers more time to ride the Max-Eboard. One of the biggest advantages of this longboard is also its small charger that you can easily carry in your bag. 

      The PROS:

  • Its easy-to-handle and easy-to-use remote control
  • Its lightness while being one of the strongest board on the market
  • Its USB output for easy battery charging
  • Its relatively low price compared to its competitors
  • Its autonomy over 20 km

     The CONS:

  • Its charging time, 4 hours is a bit long
  • Its speed of 20km / h is too low for use by a pro
  • The design is too classic for a high-end longboard

My opinion

How not to fall for the Max-Eboard electric longboard from Slick Revolution when you look at its power and speed? A lightest board that offers both unique gliding experiences and perfect handling, especially for beginners! With its light weight of only 6 kg, coupled with its powerful 1200 W motor powered by its lithium battery, you have a little gem in front of you that can take you anywhere.

Can You Use Electric Longboard in The Rain?

Electrical longboards are slowly starting to gain great popularity among people, just as electric scooters have done. But can electric longboards be used in the rain? If we talk about the rider, no problem: a jacket, waterproof pants and a good pair of shoes and you’re done. For longboarding, on the other hand, some precautions must be taken before embarking on this semi-aquatic adventure.

The first thing that matters with electric longboards is that your model has a minimum of IP54 for your battery to work properly with water splashes. At deck level, it is very often made of wood, so remember to add an additional layer of varnish to avoid any risk of water infiltration. 

Another precaution to take concerns the bearings. These little beasts really don’t like water, so remember to grease them regularly.  When you’re done with your riding session, take a few minutes to thoroughly dry your board and truck to avoid leaving unnecessary water on your electric longboard. On the other hand, do not especially dry your longboard against a radiator, or even worse near a fire, you risk heating the glues and irreversibly damaging your skateboard. 


These electric longbords are very simple, cost-effective, and fun to use. Whether you are an adult or a teen, these longboards can suit your needs. In this guide we have covered a list of the 10 best electric longboards on the market with all of their pros and cons. Once again, the goal will not be to go at the cheapest model possible but rather to choose the quality. Your safety is at stake. In addition, by choosing a known brand, it will be easier for you to find spare parts the day you have repairs to do. So if you have any more questions, feel free to write in the comment below.

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